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Located in higher latitudes, the northeast china include Heilongjian(harbin), Jiling(Changchun), Liaoning (Shenyang)are the coldest place, the low temperature is about 30 degrees below zero in winter.
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Inland of China is Temperate continental climate, like the city Xi’an, the Eastern and northern coast is monsoon climate, like Beijing ; Eastern is the subtropical monsoon climate, like the city Shanghai;the southern coastal, Shenzhen and Zhuhai is tropical monsoon climate.
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Wuhan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Nanchang, the temperature of these four cities are the hottest in china. The average days of summer hot are about 60 days, the maximum temperature is over 37 centigrade. Turpan Prefecture in XinJiang is dry and hot.
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About Climate

Owing to tremendous differences in latitude, longitude, and altitude, the climate of China is extremely diverse, ranging from tropical in the far south to subarctic in the far north and alpine in the higher elevations of the Tibetan Plateau. Monsoon winds, caused by differences in the heat-absorbing capacity of the continent and the ocean, dominate the climate. During the summer, the East Asian Monsoon carries warm and moist air from the south and delivers the vast majority of the annual precipitation in much of the country. Conversely, the Siberian anticyclone dominates during winter, bringing cold and (comparatively) dry conditions. The northern extremities of both Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia have a subarctic climate; in contrast, most of Hainan Island and parts of the extreme southern fringes of Yunnan has a tropical climate.
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