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About Maanshan

Ma'anshan (simplified Chinese: 马鞍山; traditional Chinese: 馬鞍山; pinyin: Mǎ'ānshān), also written as Maanshan, is a prefecture-level city in the eastern part of Anhui province in Eastern China. An industrial city stretching across the Yangtze River, Ma'anshan borders Hefei to the west, Wuhu to the southwest, and Nanjing to the east. It is a core city of the Nanjing Metropolitan Circle. As of the 2010 census, Maanshan was home to 2,202,899 inhabitants whom 1,366,302 lived in the built-up area made of 3 urban districts and Dangtu County largely being urbanized. After the August 2011 administrative re-regionalization of Anhui Province, its population rose to 2.20 million, as 2 additional counties were placed under its administration (He and Hanshan).
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