Jiangmen University List

Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Attribute: Public
Location: Urban

  • Wuyi University (WYU), founded in 1985, is one of full-time comprehensive universities in China.
  • WYU has a beautiful campus, neighboring attractive scenery East Lake Park, with a lucid Tiansha River going through it.
  • It has a library with a collection of 400 thousand books, 16 highly equipped labs, a computer center with more than 1300 computers of different kinds, and an audio-visual center. 
  • WYU has a competent staff of over 600 members, of which 60% are professors, associate professors or specialists with senior academic titles and 77% have Doctor’s Degree or Master’s Degree. 
  • WYU has gained great support in its construction and expansion from Wuyi fellow townsmen. 


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About Jiangmen

Jiangmen (Chinese: 江门) is a prefecture-level city in Guangdong province in southern China with a population of about 4.45 million in 2010. The 3 urban districts are now part of Guangzhou – Shenzhen conurbation, probably the most important built-up area in the world called the Pearl River Delta Mega City with more than 44,78 million inhabitants at the 2010 census spread on 9 municipalities (including Macao) and 17,573 km2.
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