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Study in Chengde Medical University
Chengde Medical University
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Attribute: Public
Location: Suburb

  • There are ten specialties for undergraduates, seven specialties for three years student. The university owns advanced teaching and research facilities and has a good academic environment.
  • There are 64 teaching and research sections, 14 lab centers, 8 affiliated hospital, and 54 teaching hospitals.
  • There are also 7 scientific research institutions in the university. Among them, the Institute of Chinese Material Medical has the only key lab to promote and expand the study and research of Chinese Material Medical sanctioned by Hebei Province.
  • The university attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. Up to now, friendly cooperation has been established with universities from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia and Canada.

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Top 50 International Influence, National Top 50 in Teaching Resources, Top 10 Public Architectures in Hebei Province, National Top 50 in Employment Rate, Excellent National Demonstrative Higher Vocational College, National Civilized Unit

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About Chengde

Chengde (Chinese: 承德; pinyin: Chéngdé), previously known as Jehol or Rehe (simplified Chinese: 热河; traditional Chinese: 熱河; pinyin: Rèhé), is a prefecture-level city in Hebei province, situated northeast of Beijing. It is best known as the site of the Mountain Resort, a vast imperial garden and palace formerly used by the Qing emperors as summer residence. The urban center had a population of approximately 450,000 as of 2009.
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