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Henan University
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Attribute: Public
Location: Urban

  • It was founded in 1912 and more than 100 years old.
  • Good at Chinese training as it began teaching Chinese as a second language in 1985.
  • The university is located in Kaifeng, a famous historic city and the capital of 7 dynasties in Chinese history.
  • The tuition and fee is comparatively low, the student could spend less money getting further education.
  • The university will in charge of the international students' affairs.
  • Most of the staff and Chinese students speak English well.
  • Everything on campus is well-prepared and the teachers were very nice to students.

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About Kaifeng

Kaifeng (simplified Chinese: 开封; traditional Chinese: 開封; pinyin: Kāifēng; Wade–Giles: K'aifeng), known previously by several names (see below), is a prefecture-level city in east-central Henan province, People's Republic of China. It was once the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. There are currently nearly 5 million people living in its metropolitan area. Located along the southern bank of the Yellow River, it borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the west, Xinxiang to the northwest, Shangqiu to the east, Zhoukou to the southeast, Xuchang to the southwest, and the province of Shandong to the northeast.
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