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Ordinary city always comprehensively develop its character from different parts like Baoding, Weifang and so on .
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Metropolis means a large imporatant city, which mainly developed in modern times for its convenient facilities, higher education level and people have a better living quality, like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and so on.
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Humanities also means the cultural city, this kind of city combine the history of city, excellent moral character of modern people and its unique feature, like Yangzhou , Lasa, Hongkong and Taiwan and so on.
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The coastal city mainly for its location and geography, many of them located in eastern coastal area and its economy scale also up to a certain extent, like Tianjin, Dalian and Sanya.
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The historical city refers to this city witnessed the development of China, where have abundant historical culture, like Xi’an, Beijing, Luoyang and Nanjing.
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About City type

According to the history, location and the economy development of the city, each city holds its own features, therefore, the type of city could include Historical, Coastal, Cultural, Metropolis and Ordinary city.
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