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Study in Dalian Medical University
Dalian Medical University
City: Dalian
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • Good Location: The University is located in the coastal city-Dalian, which was firstly listed as the "Best Tourist Cities" of China.

  • Size: The university is the largest medical university in China which enrolls the largest number of international students for MBBS program.

  • MBBS Program: The MBBS program is popular for its solid foundation and strong academic strength. Besides, it opens in each spring and autumn.

  • BDS Program: The English taught Dentist program is available.

  • Reorganization: The degree is recognized in 31 countries. The university has signed agreements with medical associations in Thailand, Ghana, Sri Lanka.  

  • Internship: To do internship in China, two direct affiliated hospitals have been authorized to be the first-rank hospital.

  • Multicultural: The campus is multicultural; the students come from 82 countries.

Study in DLM
Study in Shandong University of Arts
Shandong University of Arts
City: Jinan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Art
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • The Alma Mater of the First Lady of the People's Republic of China, Peng Liyuan.

  • Located in Jinan, Shandong University of Arts is a famous historic and cultural city with many springs, and is the only comprehensive arts institution of higher education in Shandong Province.

  • There are 21 undergraduate majors, referring to 2 academic disciplines of literature and management, and including 3 first-rank disciplines of art, news communication and public management.

  • The University now has 728 full-time teachers, including 292 teachers with doctor and master degrees, and 281 teachers with senior professional qualification. There are also 5 part-time doctor supervisors, 151 master supervisors, 8 key discipline leaders, 11 experts that receive special allowance of the State Council.

  • At present, Shandong University of Arts has 7 provincial Elaborated Courses, and wins 1 national teaching achievement award and 6 provincial teaching achievement awards. In recent four years, the university wins 131 scientific search projects above department and bureau levels.

  • For the past 50 years since its founding, Shandong University of Arts has cultivated nearly 20,000 qualified arts talents for both the country and society. Now there are 7,444 full-time undergraduates and professional training students, including 6,448 undergraduates, and 401 graduate students.

Study in SDUA
Study in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

  • ZUST is a public university directly under the guidance of Zhejiang Provincial Government and funded by Chinese Government and German Government through national projects.

  • All international students are eligible to apply for "Chinese Government Scholarship", "Confucius Institute Scholarship", "Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students" and "ZUST Scholarship for International Students".

  • ZUST offers 10 international English-taught bachelor’s degree programs such as national-level key major --Civil Engineering, provincial-level key majors--International Economics and Trade and Communication Engineering, International Marketing, Computer Science and Technology (Information Technology), Information and Computational Science(Statistics and Financial Actuarial Science), Food Science and Engineering, communication Engineering, Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments (Photoelectric Detection Technology), Digital Media Technology, and Applied Physics (Laser 3D Technology). Students can be enrolled without any Chinese language entry requirements.

  • ZUST offers 2 English-taught master’s degree programs such as national-level key majors --Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Technique. It also offers one Chinese-taught Master’s degree program--Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL). Students can be enrolled without any Chinese language entry requirements.

  • ZUST also offers Chinese training programs, which could be for different terms, and also Summer Study Tour programs.  

  • Exciting sports events and recreational activities are organized by International Student Union (ISU) and International Culture Communication Association (ICCA) and other student associations, adding to the wonderful experience of students’ life at ZUST. Free Chinese tutor service is also provided.

  • Facilities and services are available for international students, including international students building, Muslim canteen, service center for foreigners, sports field and exclusive gymnasium, etc..

  • ZUST offers a lot of information & services about internship and job-finding.


Study in ZUST
Study in Nankai University
Nankai University
City: Tianjin
Level: 985 Project
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • A member of the prestigious 211 and 985 project groups

  • Ranked 10th overall in China (QS Rankings 2014/2015)

  • Ranked within top 350 in the world (QS Rankings 2014/2015)

  • Alumina includes Zhou Enlai, the first PRC Premier, two Nobel Prize winners and many celebrated Chinese playrights, writers and historians.

  • Nankai’s Business School is ranked 10th in China (Forbes 2010)

  • China’s leading International Relations School

  • Nankai has developed cooperative relations with 300 colleges and research institutes in over 40 countries

  • Approximately 24,000 students and almost 3000 international students

  • Endowed with a pleasant climate, picturesque surroundings and a favorable academic atmosphere, Nankai University is an ideal place for learning.

  • Located in the city of Tianjin, the fastest growing economic region in China, just 30 minutes away from Beijing by bullet train.

  • Partial Scholarships available for English medium taught programmes (MBA, MA International Economics and Business, MA International Relations)

Study in NKU
Study in Liaoning Normal University
Liaoning Normal University
City: Dalian
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • One of the best universities in Dalian for Chinese learning.

  • The teachers of Chinese programs are patient, friendly and helpful both on class and after class.

  • Students can get good score in the HSK test.

  • The university is located in the coastal city-Dalian, which was firstly listed as the "Best Tourist Cities" of China.

  • Dalian, also a renowned summer resort and an attractive historical tourist city of scenic beauty, temperate climate and spicy girls.

  • Everything on campus is well-prepared and teachers are very nice to students.

  • Each semester the school organizes activities for students so that they can visit the most famous sights in Dalian.

Study in LNNU
Study in Jiangsu University
Jiangsu University
City: Zhenjiang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • Good location: In east China, the University is situated in a beautiful and well-known historical and cultural city on the southern bank of the Yangtze River – Zhenjiang, between Shanghai and Nanjing.

  • Excellent in Teaching and Research: The University ranks top 100 of Chinese universities.

  • Low cost: The tuition fee is affordable and the living expense in Zhenjiang is fairly cheap.

  • Various Programs: including Chinese program, English taught MBBS program, English taught business and engineering programs, etc.

  • Student Service: The University has a cool system that each new student is allocated a volunteer whom they can contact when they have a problem with going around campus or using the cafeteria, etc.

  • Accommodation on Campus: It is guaranteed for freshmen. The accommodation is pretty decent and the room is well equipped.

  • Life is easy: The University has a very beautiful campus and very convenient location next to shopping malls and great supermarkets.

Study in JSU
Study in Shantou University Medical College

  • The program is taught in English by qualified basic science and clinical faculties.

  • Established international textbooks and publications as references.

  • Early and maximized clinical exposure.

  • Prepare students for the USMLE.

  • Abundant research opportunities.

  • Comfortable living environment at low cost.

Study in STUMC
Study in Central South University
Central South University
City: Changsha
Level: 985 Project
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • The best university in Hunan Province, the birth place of Chairman Mao.

  • The university is among the 32 universities first acceded to the "211 Project".

  • It has outstanding scientific outputs and ranks 22nd among 751 universities in "Academic Achievements Ranking".

  • Very good at Medicine subject. English taught MBBS is available.

  • Separate hostel accommodation for the international students with fully equipped apartment type rooms.

  • Banks, post office, telephone booths, supermarkets, recreations centre are available inside the campus.

  • Compare with the universities in Beijing or Shanghai, the living expense in CSU is quite low. With the same amount, you can get the high quality life style in Changsha.

Study in CSU
Study in Zhengzhou University
Zhengzhou University
City: Zhengzhou
Level: 211 Project
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public

  • The best university in Central China.

  • The MBBS program is very popular among students from Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia, etc.

  • The tuition fee for Chinese program is really affordable.

  • The university is situated in Henan province, the birthplace of Kung Fu.

  • The biggest Yellow River crosses Zhengzhou, a city with more than 2000 years old history.

  • Separate hostel accommodation for the international students with fully equipped Apartment type rooms.

  • Banks, Post office, Telephone booths, Supermarkets, Recreations centre are available inside the campus.

  • Compare with the universities in Beijing or Shanghai, the living expense in Zhengzhou is quite low. With the same amount, you can get higher quality life style. 

Study in ZZU

Public Universities

Public schools in China refer mainly to institutions that are government funded with various management fees and teachers whose salaries are paid for by the government. Many universities in China are public universities like Peking university, Tsinghua University and so on. There are over 1500 Public Universities.
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