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Top Public Universities in china

Study in Northeast Petroleum University

Northeast Petroleum University is one of China’s National Key Universities. The university is a dedicated center of engineering studies and research, which also offers courses in many other disciplines including science, business administration, literature, law, and education.

Study in NEPU
Study in Hainan Tropical Ocean University

  • HTOU is the only state owned  university of the south-most coastal city of Sanya. 

  • It is one of the  ten "Educational Aid Center of the Ministry of Education of China".

  • HTOU has 9 experiment centers and 13 schools offering degrees and diplomas for MTA, 39 undergraduate programs and 12 three-year education programs.

Study in HTOU
Study in Donghua University
Donghua University
City: Shanghai
Level: 211 Project
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • Chinese Program: It is the best university in Shanghai for Chinese learning.

  • Convenient Transportation: DongHua University is located at a convenient spot of Shanghai, granting the student possibility to go by bus, metro, by bike or even on foot.

  • English Taught Business and Fashion Programs: The only university in Shanghai which offers two English taught business programs: Business Administration, International Trade and two English taught fashion programs: Environment Design (Fashion Interior Design), Fashion and Accessory Design (Fashion Innovation).

  • 5 Star Campus Environment and Facilities: Campus is really beautiful and surrounding is quiet. There are guards everywhere and all of them are very polite.

  • Administration & Student Service: People who work in Donghua University are friendly and willing to help. All of them speak English.

  • Activities: The university holds the interesting seminars of world-known brands like BVLGARI, Coca-cola etc., trips, interesting classes and multicultural environment.

Study in DHU
Study in East China Normal University

  • International University: The New York University Shanghai, China's first Sino-U.S. university is jointly operated by New York University and the Shanghai-based East China Normal University (ECNU).

  • Excellent in teaching and research: It is listed as a member of the "985 Project" and "211 Project" (National key University).

  • Good Location: The university is situated in the downtown of Shanghai and is well known as a Garden University for its beautiful campus.

  • Good at Chinese training: The university owns the state base for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. It is also pointed by the office of overseas Chinese of the State Council as the Chinese teaching center.

  • Convenient transportation: There are means of transportation around such as subway, light railway and many different bus lines which link to most sections of the city.

  • Life is easy: Shopping centers, banks, post offices, and supermarkets are all near the university. School clinic, book store and cinema are on campus. The dorm provides 24 hours free internet access.

  • Student Support: The International Students Office will in charge of the international students' affairs during their studying at ECNU.

  • Various non-degree programs: including semester Chinese program, short-term Chinese, intensive Chinese program, business Chinese program, and also English taught short-term program.

Study in ECNU
Study in Shanghai International Studies University

  • The university is an internationally recognized, prestigious academic institution.

  • One of the Best 5 Universities in Shanghai for Chinese learning.

  • Long-term Chinese programs: Semester or Academic Year.

  • Summer programs and Winter Programs available.

  • The university has the worldwide reputation in language training. The Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation (GIIT) of SISU is awarded the highest ranking by AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters, as the only Asian university among the 15 top professional conference interpreting schools in the world.

  • The university has established 7 Confucius Institutes in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

  • World Class Facilities for Language training: A powerful digital audio-visual database containing multimedia resources in foreign studies has been set up to serve the needs of teaching and research. The University also houses a range of state-of-the-art teaching facilities including world-class simultaneous interpretation systems, satellite signal-receiving devices and linguistic laboratories.

  • Highly respected by Russian students for the university was named as Shanghai Russian School in the beginning.

Study in SHISU
Study in Shanghai Normal University
Shanghai Normal University
City: Shanghai
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • One of the best language teaching universities in China.

  • Surrounding is quiet. There are guards everywhere and all of them are very polite.

  • Campus is really beautiful, it's like Pandora.

  • The school specializes in Chinese teacher training and language teaching.

  • It is extremely familiar with the needs of international students studying Chinese.

  • Located in Shanghai, the economic center of China and the most international city.

  • Transportation in Shanghai is convenient with totally 13 subway lines.

  • One of the most beautiful campuses in China. It's a huge and beautiful university with nice ranking.

Study in SHNU
Study in Shanghai University
Shanghai University
City: Shanghai
Level: 211 Project
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • One member of Project 211 of China.

  • The university is a young university and it is one the fastest-growing universities in China.

  • Very famous for Chinese programs, which covers summer programs, short-term and semester Chinese programs, 1 on 1 programs, English taught short-term programs, etc.

  • The dormitory is well equipped with affordable price.

  • English taught MBA program is available.

  • There are means of transportation around such as subway, light railway and many different bus lines which link to most sections of the city.

  • Shopping centers, banks, post offices, and supermarkets are near the university.

  • Internet access is available in dormitory.

Study in SHU
Study in Shenyang Medical College
Shenyang Medical College
City: Shenyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public

  • Shenyang Medical College(SYMC) is the best medical institution of higher learning in Shenyang has been recruiting international students for more than ten years.

  • SYMC possesses an education of good quality and strict management.

  • The tuition in SYMC is relatively cheap and students in SYMC are very excellent.

  • The proportion in passing Medical Licensing Examination is very high.

Study in SYMC
Study in Shandong Jianzhu University

  • SDJZU was approved to be one of the first well-known universities for molding talents in Shandong province.

  • SDJZU was approved to be one of the first construction units approved by Colleges Collaborative Innovation Center in Shandong Province.

  • SDJZU has established connections with more than 40 universities from more than 20 countries and regions.

  • SDJZU was the first that was authorized to recruit overseas students.

Study in SDJZU
Study in Central University of Finance and Economics

  • CUFE commits itself to the development of internationalization, and pays much attention to the education of international students.

  • In 2005, CUFE was accredited by the MOE to confer international scholarships to assist and encourage foreign students in China. 

  • CUFE has established relationships with more than 120 international organizations.

  • International students, including those with Chinese government scholarship, are welcome to apply for all undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs offered by CUFE.

Study in CUFE

Public Universities

Public schools in China refer mainly to institutions that are government funded with various management fees and teachers whose salaries are paid for by the government. Many universities in China are public universities like Peking university, Tsinghua University and so on. There are over 1500 Public Universities.
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