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Detailed Information About Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages

Introduction of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages

Brief Introduction to ZYUFL
    Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages is a full-time institute of tertiary education established under the consent of the National Ministry of Education.
Located in the city of Shaoxing, the hometown of Luxun, the history of this university can be traced to the days of Shaoxing Yuexiu Foreign Languages School, which was founded in 1981 by Shao Hongshu, a renowned educationalist and nephew of Shao Lizi (Shao Lizi was well-known as the 'Old man of Peace'). Mr. Wei Fengjiang, the only Chinese student of the Indian poet Tagore, was the first headmaster of the institute.
    At present, the university has two campuses, namely, the Jishan Campus and the Jinhu Campus. It has 9 colleges, namely, College of English, College of Euro-languages, College of Oriental Languages, College of International Business, College of International Education, College of Internet Communication, College of Adult Education, The International College, and a Foundation College for overseas studies. The university, offering 36 majors to students of undergraduate and higher vocational levels, is the largest of its kind in terms of the number of registered students and languages courses opened.
    Presently, the university has approximately 10,790 full-time undergraduates and vocational students, 518 full-time teachers made up by 156 Professors and Associate Professors (two of them are qualified doctoral supervisors) as well as 70 foreign teachers from Australia, Canada, Britain, USA, Russia, Japan and the Republic of South Korea.
    An Ideal University with Decent Language Learning Environment for Practical Foreign Languages Talents
    For the past 30 years, the university has raised SPT Talent Cultivation System based on the social needs of practical foreign language talents. The SPT (Successful, Practical, Talents) concept has become fully systematized and established in Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages. It clearly demonstrates its cultivation objective and norm, namely, with “Successful Practical Foreign Language Talent” as its objective, and “the three core abilities” (the abilities of foreign language application, job skills and comprehensive application), and “the four certificates” (the certificates of diploma, foreign languages tests, the vocational qualification and common skill) as its norm. The ultimate goal of this SPT system is to produce talents of all around development and ones that are mostly welcomed by companies, cooperation, and establishments at home and abroad in circles of foreign trade and foreign affairs.
    In accordance with needs of SPT talents cultivation, the university, with its internationalized environment and advanced foreign language teaching platform, has a team of excellent foreign teachers to carry out a series of meaningful language learning activities, so as to provide good environments for the cultivation of achievement oriented, practicality oriented, and internalized SPT talents.
    A University that Offers the Widest Choices for Foreign Languages Learning
   At present, the university offers such foreign languages courses as English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic, making it the largest of its kind in terms of the number of languages courses opened. All these languages courses are instructed by excellent professors of high qualification in these areas, together other excellent teachers. All these nine languages are most welcomed foreign languages in current China for her economic construction. Hence, students of those language majors enjoy good chances of getting decent and related jobs and going abroad for further studies.
A University that Produces Quality and Practical Talents in International Trade & Economics Areas
    For years, under the guidance of SPT system and the principle of “the three core abilities” (the abilities of foreign language application, job skills and comprehensive application), graduates of Yuexiu are invariably well received by their employers, with the rate of initial graduates employment above 99%. The university, by working closely with domestic or foreign funded companies, operations, and establishments in the circles of foreign trade and foreign affairs, attempts to further widen channels for Yuexiu graduates employments, so as to provide better future for graduates employment.
    In 2011, Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages and China Internet Information Center reached an agreement on the foundation of a training base for internet information management talents in Yuexiu to train quality talents of this regard in future. The Base, represented by the College of Web Communication, a new college which is soon to open in Yuexiu, aims to train and produce quality talents in terms of internet copy writing & editing, internet and media based business, website technical support, and website management. In the falls of 2011 and 2012, the new college plans to enroll 160 and 500 students respectively. In the long run, the total number of students enrolled is expected to reach 4,000.
   An Internationalized University of Wide International Cooperation to Produce Internationalized Talents
    The university, with its internationalized operating resources accumulated through years, enjoys a largest team of excellent foreign teachers across the universities in Zhejiang. With its deep cooperation with more than 20 universities from USA, Australia, UK, Japan, South Korea, France, Spain, Italy, etc., the university gives her students various opportunities to pursue their further education abroad and take internship or jobs in other countries. All these internationally based cooperation serve to broaden the horizons of the students, giving them full abilities in the international communication.
    This year, under the approval of People’s Government of Zhejiang, the university, together with University of Indianapolis (a university of hundred years of history), cofounded the ZYUFL-UIndy International College. In the first stage, this newly founded college aims to produce internationalized and practical high-end talents of the 3-year higher vocational levels, who, equipped with high international perspectives and intercultural communication skills, know the international rules and practices and have the abilities to perform solo competition and cooperation in international business.
    Students of the international college, upon successfully completing required courses and passing the examinations, can be awarded with the associate bachelor’s degrees co-issued by Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages and University of Indianapolis, if they meet relevant requirements of the University of Indianapolis. Meanwhile, upon graduation, students can directly apply for the study of bachelor’s degree in the University of Indianapolis.


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