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Detailed Information About Yunnan Arts Institute

Yunnan Arts Institute
City: Kunming
Level: Ordinary
Type: Art
Location: Suburb
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Yunnan Arts Institute

    Yunnan Arts University (YAU) was established in 1959, as a comprehensive university for arts education in southwest China. The university is well equipped with preeminent teachers and advanced facilities, with special strengths in various forms of ethnic arts only found in Yunnan Province. YAU is accredited by the Committee on Academic Degrees of the State Council to confer M.A., B.A., and associate degrees. The campus in Cheng Gong district of Kunming stretches for 800 MU (around 532,800 square meters). YAU has 720 faculty members, of whom 219 are associate professors and professors. The library has more than 350,000 books and 130,000 electronic books. Up to October, 2012, there were 337 postgraduates, more than 8535 full-time undergraduates working towards B.A. and associate degrees and 361 students studying in adult programs, 1000 students studying in the Affiliated Art Middle School and 3200 students studying in privately sponsored Wenhua College. YAU consists of Music School, Fine Art School, Art and Design School, Drama School, Dance School, Film and Television School, Art and Culture School, Continued Education School, a privately sponsored Wenhua College and an Affiliated Art Middle School. The university confers M.A. degrees in music, fine arts, theatre, design, dance and art theory. It also offers B.A. programs, as well as three-year associate degrees, five-year high school and non-degree higher education, adult education, programs for overseas students, and middle school training programs. There are 33 majors offered that lead to the B.A. degree and 11 that lead to the three-year associate degree. They include the plastic arts, performance arts, and language arts. Following with an excellent concept of inherent tradition, study from folk customs, serve the society, rest on the miscellaneous culture of minority background, Yunnan Arts University created a large number of art works and cultivated nearly 20,000 artistic teachers and artists for Yunnan province. China’s art colleges, the teachers and students achieved good results in the 11th, 12th, 13th National Young Singer’s TV Competition, and showed the charm of miscellaneous ethnic culture of Yunnan Province. The artists and art works of Yunnan Arts University won many prestigious awards in the competitions of fine arts and art design, and got the outstanding position in the art institutes of China.

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