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Detailed Information About Yantai Vocational College

Yantai Vocational College
City: Yantai
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Yantai Vocational College

Located in Yantai, a stunning coastal city, Yantai Vocational College enjoys a beautiful environment where there is a harmonious coexistence between the city’s rich historical and cultural traditions and its rapid economic development. Yantai is a significant international port city in northern China. As one of the first open coastal cities, a hub of international trade and a popular tourist destination in Bohai Economic Circle and East Asia, it has won the United Nations Habitat Award for the most livable city. Yantai's economic aggregate ranks the third in Shandong province. Petrochemicals industry, auto manufacture, ocean engineering, wine, electronics and biomedicine are some of its foundational sectors.

The college is a full-time public institution authorized by the administration of Shandong Province and sponsored by the administration of Yantai City. Yantai Vocational College is a "high-level vocational school and specialty construction project unit with Chinese characteristics", a "national demonstration backbone vocational college" and a "national quality higher vocational College". Located in the Yellow Sea-adjacent Yantai High-tech Development Zone, it spans an area of more than 100 hectares with fixed assets of 960 million yuan and instructional equipment worth 260 million yuan. The college offers 13 departments, and it has 909 full-time faculty members including 81 professors, 250 associate professors, 650 master degree or doctor degree background teachers and more than 18,000 students. The college offers more approximately 50 disciplines covering 10 categories in the fields of equipment manufacturing, electronic information, civil engineering and architecture, transportation, business, finance, tourism, culture and art, education and sports, food, medicine and food, biology and chemical industry. etc. It has both three-year college education pattern and a combination of 3 years college education with 2 years degree program in specialized courses.

Adhering to the philosophy of internationalization, the college actively carries out the recruitment and training of international students under the mode of "Chinese + Vocational Education". In recent years, it has trained nearly 100 oversea students from Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan and other countries.

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