Detailed Information About Xuzhou Institute of Technology

Introduction of Xuzhou Institute of Technology

1. Xuzhou Institute of Technology (XZIT) Introduction
Xuzhou Institute of Technology is situated in Xuzhou, a national historical and cultural city and the center of Huaihai Economic Zone. It enjoys pleasant climate with neither scorching hot in summer, nor bitter cold in winter. The urban area covers 200 square kilometers with a population of 9 million. There are 10 universities in the city. Xuzhou is at the junction of Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Longhai Railway, serving as a vital transportation hub in China. It is only one hour away from Nanjing, two hours away from Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Jinan, and Zhengzhou by the trains departing from the city. There are flights to Seoul, South Korea every week.
Xuzhou Institute of Technology has more than 50 years history. It is one of the full-time regular undergraduate colleges and universities. It covers an area of 1990.5mu. The University consists of 14 schools and one School of Adult Education, having 46 undergraduate majors. Currently it has a total enrollment of 20,338 full-time students. The University now has 1269 full-time teachers, including 360 professors and associate- professors. It now has 2 national level specialty majors, 2 national outstanding engineers educational programs majors, 2 national professional comprehensive reform pilot projects and 3 national engineering practice education centers. The majors in our university include International Trade, Economics, E-commerce, Finance & Tax, Economic Laws, Food Science and Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Security of Food Quality, Mechanical Design and Automation, Industrial Design, Material-molding and Control Engineering, Digit-control Technique, Mechatronic Engineering, High-polymer Material and Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Information& Computing Science, Applied Physics, Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Engineering and Automatics, Ecology, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Material and Engineering, Business Management, Chinese Language and Literature, Advertisement Science, Accounting Computerization, Building Cost of Projects, Engineering Management, Civil Engineering, Gardens, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering, Architectural Engineering Technology, Construction Project Management, Art Design, Clothing Design and Engineering, Animatronics, Musicology, Primary School Education, Chinese Education, Education Technology, Elementary Education, Digital Media, English , Korean, Financial Management, Marketing, Accounting, Information Management& Information Systems, Logistic Engineering, Tourism Management etc.
The college advance the internationalization strategy deeply. In recent years, we have established a stable cooperative relationship with 15 institutes from 11 countries, such as United States, France, Russia etc. We hold 10 cooperation projects in running school, training 1470 students, sending 100 students to learn abroad every year as well. We also promote “Middle-aged Backbone Teachers Overseas Training Project”, and there are 384 teachers and managerial staff were dispatched to colleges to training, visit and study for degree in some countries such as United Sates, United Kingdom, South Korea, French etc. At the same time, the international students work, Sino-foreign cooperation in scientific research and international promotion of Chinese continuously made new achievements. The college listed as the one of the universities accepting Jiangsu Province “Jasmine Scholarship” and has admitted over 40 international students whose from South Korea, United Kingdom and Comorin and so on. It employs 30 foreign teachers every year, and 3 of them are awarded “The Jiangsu Province May 1 Labour Medal”.
2. Xuzhou Institute of Technology (XZIT) Review
"This university has good lodging and living conditions." -Marcy
3. Xuzhou Institute of Technology (XZIT) Teaching quality
-1271 faculty members including 119 with doctor's degree and 606 with master's degree.


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No.2 Lishui Road Xincheng District in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province
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