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Detailed Information About Xi'an University of Technology

Introduction of Xi'an University of Technology

    Xi'an University of Technology (XUT) is a comprehensive public university featuring mainly in science and technology, which is jointly constructed by the Shaan'xi provincial and central government. Our university was founded in 1949, and has a history of 64 years so far. It was known as Shaanxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering before January 1994, which was established by combining Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Shaanxi Polytechnic University in 1972.
    XUT has always been sticking to the guideline of meeting the needs of the state's economic construction and social development, as well as abiding by the tenet of Humanity-oriented Education and Unity of the Knowing and Doing, making strict management and excellent cultivation quality our prime priority. Over the years we have cultivated thousands of intellectuals with creative spirits, sophisticated theoretical knowledge, excellent practical skills who are playing an active role in their own fields both at home and abroad. Our university has been actively exploring modes of international education cooperation and exchanges which aim to make more students be able to accept international diversified education and training. We also positively promote English-Chinese bilingual teaching methods to meet the requirements of talents internationalization.
    So far, XUT has established good academic cooperation communication relationships with 20 foreign universities and research institutes around the world. We will continue to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with world-famous universities, actively establish new partnerships, and strive for transforming XUT into a predominant high level university with distinguishing features.


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