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Detailed Information About Xi'an Polytechnic University

Introduction of Xi'an Polytechnic University

    Xi'an Polytechnic University enjoys a long history which can be traced back to 1912 when it was the Weaving Division of the Beijing Higher Industrial School. We take great pride in being the only university in Northwest China with the mission of nurturing talents and skills related to textile and fashion design. Today XPU has become a comprehensive university of engineering and science, specializing in textile, apparel and art design, along with other subjects such as economics, management, humanity, and law.
   XPU is a large-scale and high-ranking university with 10 colleges and 2 teaching departments, with over 24,000 students. There are 2 campuses, covering an area of 1,080,000 square meters. XPU has been embarking on a number of large-scale capital projects to improve the campus environment for the pleasant living and holistic development of our students. XPU provides students with on-campus communal spaces, such as a student center including a gym, frontages, and an entertainment venue for relaxing, socializing and showcasing their versatile talents. The cafeteria and supermarket serve the students' day to day needs with everything under one roof. The garden-like campus contributes to the XPU's elegant environment, and the convenient infrastructure creates a pleasant and civilized atmosphere.
   Over 1700 working members with both academic distinction in their respective fields and significant applied work experience contribute to XPU. One such distinguished academic, Professor Yaomu, an expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, devoted himself to teaching and researching textile materials at XPU for more than 50 years. XPU offers 60 undergraduate programs and 44 graduate programs. Working with mentors to select a degree emphasis that suits their personal interests and professional goals, students find that XPU meets their practical needs and prepares them for their future ambitions, while providing them with an excellent academic experience.

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