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Detailed Information About Xi an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Introduction of Xi an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is the first international joint venture university located in the city of Suzhou on China's east coast. XJTLU is proud of its focus on research-led learning inherited from our parent institutions - the University of Liverpool and Xi'an Jiaotong University. XJTLU combines the best of east and west to offer students a unique educational experience that prepares them to be a future leader. The University has over 14,000 registered students, of whom more than 3,000 undergraduate students are now studying at the University of Liverpool, UK thanks to the "2+2" study pathway.

The University currently offers more than 90 UG, PG & PhD programmes in the fields of science, engineering, business, finance, architecture, urban planning, language, culture, etc. All courses are taught in English. Undergraduate students earn two degrees: an XJTLU degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education and a globally recognised degree from the University of Liverpool. Postgraduate students receive their degree from the University of Liverpool.

XJTLU draws academic faculty from above 60+ countries, with over 70% of them from outside China. All staff are from a well-known university and have rich teaching and research experience. XJTLU cooperates with international head hunting companies to hire top academic talent from all over the world. International students come from 90+ countries bringing together diverse perspectives from East and West.


Our campus is located in the leafy World Heritage city of Suzhou. It is only 25 minutes by train from Shanghai allowing students to experience the best of China's history and hypermodernity in its richest region – Yangtze River Delta. With an average annual growth of 7.5%, Suzhou is consistently ranked among the top 7 cities in China in terms of GDP. Its economic size approximately equals to the size of Ireland in 2017. Suzhou, China's equivalent of Silicon Valley and a hub of global innovation, houses above 5000 international companies, R&D centres and over 100 Fortune 500 companies, not only providing favourable conditions for XJTLU's ongoing development but also numerous internship and job opportunities for XJTLU students. 


Our graduates' ambitions and aspirations take them all over the world into jobs and further study. Some progress onto further education at top global institutions.

Among 2017 UG graduates:

• 23.73% continue Master's degree at QS world top 10 universities, >70% at QS world top 100 universities

• 20% start working

• >25% of employed 2017 graduates work for FORTUNE 500 companies, with many other in China 500 companies

Students receive offers of employment from around the world with companies such as Bosch, Uber, Amazon, China Telecom, the "Big Four", HENKEL, SIEMENS, Alstom, Schneider and Singapore National Grid.


China represents a world of ideas and values built on one of the world's oldest cultures. Students will gain a new perspective of their own life and those around them. Studying abroad is fun! Students will have new experiences and make friends from China and across the globe that will last a lifetime. At XJTLU you will develop an understanding of the world's second largest economy and largest consumer market and China experts are highly sought-after in the global job market. Chinese language study is available free of charge to all degree students, with study emphasising active student participation and individual initiative.

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