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Introduction of Xi'an International University

    Xi'an International University was founded in 1992 with the accreditation of the nation’s Ministry of Education for its diverse four-year bachelor and three-year vocational programs. It is located in the heart of the Xi’an high-tech zone boasting two beautiful campuses totaling 135 hectares, a student population of 36,000, and faculty and staff of 2,200.  
    The academics of the University include 11 colleges with 34 departments offering a total of 101 major fields of study, which cover economics, humanities, management, engineering, agriculture, medicine and law. It has grown into a multi-discipline and multi-layer comprehensive university.
The University is driven by the vision of giving every young person the opportunity to achieve a higher education by creating a dynamic, responsive, and credible educational experience. The University’s well-equipped classroom buildings, spacious dormitories, well-stocked libraries, full sized sports fields and other facilities all serve to educate its students to be responsible, whole people, able to participate in our nation’s economic and social development.
    In order to establish the highest standards of education, Professor HUANG Teng, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and founder of the University, went to great lengths in search of first-class educators. Professor Huang, the University’s president and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, firmly maintains that scholars should sustain the university and professionals should manage and lead the university.
It follows that noted professors from different fields, including up and coming middle-aged and young scholars are recruited for teaching and research. Their dedication and wisdom have made the university competitive in its diverse disciplinary areas.
    In the meantime, the University has taken great steps to ensure its curriculum is geared to support the nation’s economic and social growth as well as market demands. Traditional disciplines were modified, new programs were added and the structure of the whole curriculum was optimized.
   Differentiated teaching was developed and the credit system introduced. Academic and professional competence is given equal importance with twin diplomas issued so that students have hands-on experience in addition to academic excellence.
The University attaches great importance to research, which ensures and sustains quality teaching. With painstaking effort the private education research that the University conducted has gained recognition nationwide and promoted projects in other academic studies.  Over the years, the University’s faculty has undertaken a variety of national and provincial research projects and wrote and published numerous textbooks and monographs. The University has also hosted national and international conferences on different topics.
    Going global has also been a major feature for the competitive edge of the University. Chief among the out-reach endeavours for the internationalization of its programmes is the recruitment of talent from overseas. On an annual basis the University employs over 20 professors from the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, France and Korea.  
The University has set up collaborative, twinning faculty/student exchange and other programmes with over 40 colleges and universities worldwide. Students who get into top-notch overseas universities are awarded scholarships.
    The University has a ten-year partnership with the Australian government in terms of its cooperation with vocational education. Its partner TAFE, the South West Sydney Institute, delivers the advanced Diploma of Business on campus with a negotiated pathway to undergraduate studies in Australia.
   Courses are also offered to students from overseas. Hundreds of students from 15 countries have taken Chinese language and culture classes on our campus. More note-worthy are our semester, credit courses for   American students, which include economics, Chinese history, English writing and Chinese art and literature, all conducted in English by our faculty members.
   Financial help is available to students in the form of scholarships by the government and assistantships by the University. Other schemes such as work-study programs and social practice are also included to assist students in the successful completion of their academic programs. The University sees to it that no student drops from their academic pursuits because of financial constraints.
   Our students are intimately involved in university life, from social clubs to university management and leadership in the form of their governing bodies such as youth committees and students’ unions at university and college levels. A rich variety of extra-curricular activities are actively organized to contribute to the whole-person growth of the students.
   Great effort is made to assist students to identify their careers upon completion of their studies. Connections are built and maintained nationwide for information on job openings. Help is also rendered to students in their career opportunities with centres set up in such economically vibrant cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dalian for internships. Over 9,000 large and medium-sized enterprises partner with us for long-term, strategic cooperation. On campus, weekend forums and career fairs are conducted at regular intervals.
   The University also pioneers other schemes to encourage the competitiveness of our graduates. We have set up a college of entrepreneurship, the first ever in China’s higher education system. In addition, we have venture capital investment and foundations for entrepreneurship to help graduates in their business endeavours.
   At Xi'an International University, we never lose sight of the individual. We value every student and provide resources necessary to ensure their success.
We take pride in our achievements over the years. As the University grows in stature, we continue to commit ourselves to creating new opportunities, to be creative and move with the times to be not only a vigorous, competitive, and premier private university but also a quality university able to compete with other top-tier, public institutions of higher learning in the whole of China.

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