Detailed Information About Wuchang University of Technology

Introduction of Wuchang University of Technology

Wuchang University of Technology(WUT) is Established in 1997, is a private university approved by the Ministry of Education China.WUT is a full-time undergraduate university with coordinated development of science, engineering, art, management, economics, literature, law, medicine and other disciplines.

The university Located in " The famous Wuhan• Optics Valley of China”, Which is the high-tech industry center of Centy China, WUT covers an area of about 400,000 square meters.The campus is very beautful . It Located at the foot of the beautiful Meian Mountain, surrounded by Tangxun Lake on three sides.the largest urban lake in China,, the campus is full of European style buildings and beautiful scenery, which has been recognized as one of the "Top Ten Beautiful Lake-View Campus in China".

There are 12 schools and 64 undergraduate programs in WUT, including School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Urban Construction, School of Life Science, School of Nursing, School of Business, School of Law, Literature& Foreign Languages, School of Art Design, School of Television and Media, School of International Education, School of General Caliber-oriented Education and School of Continuing Education. At present, WUT has over 16,000 students of undergraduates, post-graduates, and international students.

Teaching and research facilities are perfect. Laboratories: Each  college has a teaching and laboratory building; Teaching and scientific research equipment, multimedia classroom and voice laboratory seats, teaching computer platform; The university has built 150 professional laboratories with functions covering all disciplines of the university. There are 158 stable practice and training bases both inside and outside the school.

The school is well equipped with comprehensive facilities. Rich cultural atmosphere, life service facilities complete, complete security system.

WUT has established partnerships with more than 50 universities from more than 20 countries, and has enrolled  more than 200 international students from more than 20 countries. In 2017, the university ranked Second Prize in the ranking of international competitiveness of private universities in China.

The university actively carries out international students studying in China education. At present, more than 500 international students from more than 20 countries around the world are receiving undergraduate education. In 2017, the university ranked second in the "International Competitiveness Ranking of Private Universities in China". By recruiting international students, the university has improved its student structure, promoted multicultural exchanges, and enhanced its international reputation and influence.

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