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Detailed Information About WUYI UNIVERSITY

City: Jiangmen
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of WUYI UNIVERSITY

    Wuyi University was founded in 1985 and is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong. As Jiangmen has jurisdiction over the the five cities (districts) of Enpiing, Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping and Heshan, it is customarily called “Wuyi” from which the university derived its name and became well-known at home and abroad. In 1990, WYU was authorized by the Guangdong Higher Education Bureau to confer bachelor’s degrees; in 1993, it was authorized by the State Education Commission to recruit overseas students; in 1996, it passed the State Education Commission’s evaluation and became qualified units of its undergraduate education; in 1998, it was authorizded by State Council Academic Degrees Committee to confer master's degrees; and in 2008, it was rated excellence in the evaluation of its undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education.
    WYU covers an area of more than 1000 acres, with a total building area of 350,000 square meters, the paper-based books 1,150,000 volumes, e-books more than 50,000 volumes, and teaching instruments and equipment nearly billion yuan. Presently WYU has 15 schools and departments, including School of Economics & Management, School of Political Science & Law (School of Ideological Education and Law), School of Liberal Arts (School of Chinese Language and Literature), School of Foreign Languages, School of Mathematics and Computing Science, School of Applied Physics & Materials Science, School of Information Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Mechanical &Electrical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, School of Chemical &Environmental Engineering, School of Textile & Garment, Department of Artistic Designing, Department of Ideological and Political Theory Education and Department of Physical Education. It has 6 major disciplines, 36 undergraduate courses and 13 master degree programs covering economics, law, literature, science, technology and management. WYU recruits undergraduate students from nationwide 14 provinces including Hong Kong and Macao, and recruits graduate students across the whole country. And now there are 17,000 students including more than 10,000 graduate students and full-time undergraduate students.
    WYU has 4 national professional-level building points, 4 Guangdong famous brand majors, 4 Guangdong college experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 high-quality courses in Guangdong, 2 excellent courses in Guangdong, 2 Guangdong provincial-key disciplines, and 1 Guangdong key base of humanities and social sciences. It also has demonstration base of developing the country through science and education, Guangdong provincial research base of qiaoxiang culture and base of China culture inheritance, etc..    
   WYU has a staff of more than 740, respectively 40% and 80% full-time teachers with a senior professional title and graduate degrees. WYU also employs many foreign teachers, a group of academicians, Changjiang scholars, and well-known scholars as part-time or visiting professors. In recent years, 3 teachers were rated as national-level model teachers and excellent teachers, 1 as national advanced worker, 20 as excellent teachers and excellent educational workers of south Guangdong, 4 as the top 10 most outstanding youths of Jiangmen, and 26 as excellent teachers and excellent workers of Jiangmen.
    Since the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, WYU had published over 900 papers in Core Journal, 300 of which were complied by SCI, EI and SITP and over 80 monographs as well as textbooks, had took on over 70 projects of the State Social Sciences Fund and provincial-level organizations and over 200 research projects of horizontal cooperation, had obtained 6 provincial awards for science and technology, and had 4 projects that had passed the provincial identification. WYU had achieved influential results especially of the successful bidding of the Kaiping Diaolou and Villages for world heritage site in 2007.
   WYU aims at training high-quality talents with noble character, broad perspective, strong practical ability and spirit of innovation, who meet the demands of the development of local economy and society. WYU Students achieved good results in a variety of examinations and national or provincial contests. In recent 3 years, the percent of passing the TEM4 is higher than the national average level by over 26, and for the TEM8, is over 15. Since 2007, over 500 awards have been achieved by WYU students in international, national and Guangdong provincial contests.
    Since its founding, WYU has enjoyed the hearty concern and utmost support of overseas Chinese and compatriots in H.k. and Macao. They have donated over 50 buildings, plenty of teaching and research equipment, books and other materials as well as set up numerous funds. It strengthens its substantial exchanges and cooperation with foreign quality universities and colleges. Up to present, WYU has established cooperation with 26 universities and colleges in 12 countries and areas respectively. Every year WYU dispatches over 20 excellent teachers to England or America for advanced study or exchanges; and over 10 students abroad for study. As one of the first institutions of higher education authorized by the National Ministry of Education to recruit international students, WYU has enrolled over 700 foreign students including America, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hrvatska and so on, who came for long-or short-term studies.
    Since its establishment 25 years ago, WYU has trained over 20,000 undergraduates to make the gross entrance rate of Jiangmen higher education surpass the average ratio of province by 5 percent. As the uppermost academic university in Wuyi, WYU adheres to the WYU Education philosophy of “Rooted in WuYi Region; Committed to Excellence” and the WYU policy of “Uniting Internal and External Forces; Developing Our Own Characteristics, Serving the Local Communities” and all of these are designed to improve the undergraduate education, to promote the talent training, to focus on innovation, to service the region. Besides, WYU are combining itself into the local economic society in an overall way, improving the level of discipline building in all out effort, training high-quality practical graduates with all staff and also, it is striving to build itself into a leading status among universities of the same category, to make great influence in H.K., Macao,Southeast Asia,and North-American Chinese, and to build a quality university that does credit to the Wuyi people.

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