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Detailed Information About University of Jinan

University of Jinan
City: Jinan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of University of Jinan

University of Jinan is a comprehensive university accredited by the Ministry of Education. Founded in 1948, University of Jinan is situated in the city of Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, which enjoys the nationwide fame as the City of Springs. Over the past 60 years, it has provided nearly 110,000 graduates for the country, with Song Jian, former Vice Chairman of CPPCC, president of CAE and academician of both CAS and CAE, as one of them.

The university consists of 21 schools and 2 teaching centers, and offers 5 first-level and 61 second-level specialties for master candidates. In addition, the university has the right to confer the engineering master degree and has been authorized to be the unit for the students of the same educational level to apply for master degree.

The university offers 66 programs for bachelor candidates, covering literature, sciences, engineering, law, management science, economics, pedagogy, history and medical science and has formed a feature of paralleling arts and science in importance, broad and intense basis, interdisciplinary and highlighting implication and creativity. The university places special importance on discipline construction and has established 5 key disciplines and key labs of provincial and state level, 5 centers and bases for engineering and technological research and also social science research bases of provincial level and 32 university research institutes and centers in addition. The number of the students on campus has reached 32,000.

The university has 1940 members of teaching staff, among whom 288 are full professors, 583 associate professors, 388 doctors and 861 masters, 24 provincial and municipal top talents, 7 young specialists with "outstanding contribution made to Shandong Province". 69 of the faculty enjoy special subsidy from the state government, 17 of them are titled "Excellent Teachers" by the state or provincial governments and 14 of them received Zeng Xianzi Education Found Award.

In order to enhance the teaching quality, the university focuses its efforts on teaching task, intensifying routine administration of teaching, improving the system of teaching quality inspection and optimizing the style of teaching and learning. It adopts a chain of measures to promote the teachers' performance and introduce high-level talents. It has also established some special teaching posts for the disciplines and talents concerned to develop more effectively.

The university also attaches great importance to research and development, incessantly intensifying the reform of research administrative system by which research work has received breakthroughs for some consecutive years, especially in the state key scientific and technological research projects. In recent years, the university has undertaken more than 300 "863" and "973" research programs and programs financed by the National Sciences Foundation, Social Sciences Foundation and State Key Scientific and Technological Plans. 34 teaching research results and over 100 scientific research results received state or provincial awards.
The university has been active in exchanges and cooperation with educational institutions abroad, and has established relations with tens of colleges and universities respectively of the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan and South Korea, and has employed 165 well-known international scholars as part-time professors or visiting professors.
Under the new environment, all the faculty and staff and students of the university are earnestly following the educational route and policy of the CPC as well as the concept of scientific development, and are striving to build University of Jinan into a key provincial university with large scale, strong foundation, higher education level and growing influence at home and abroad.

Detailed Accommodation

Located in Jinan, in the north of China, University of Jinan is generally consisted of two campuses: the East Campus and the West Campus. All the international students can live in both of the campuses, and accommodation is very cheap, just about 20~50 RMB per person a day.

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