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Detailed Information About Tongji University School of Medicine

Introduction of Tongji University School of Medicine

Founded by the German doctor Erich Paulun, Tongji University School of Medicine (TJUSM) started as the "German Medical School" in 1907 and has been committed to continuing its tradition of excellence in teaching, research and health service. As one of leading universities in China, TJUSM maintains a dedicated and outstanding faculty of over 1300 physicians, surgeons and researchers, and brings together a group of diverse and talented students who are interested in becoming outstanding health-care practitioners and researchers. TJUSM offers a variety of degree-seeking programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

TJUSM strives for excellence via its tripartite mission of high-quality education, research and health service. The national "Excellent Physicians Training Plan" has been integrated into its education strategy. Every year, up to 150 students are enrolled into the undergraduate programs, 30 international students into the MBBS program, and 400 students into the postgraduate programs. TJUSM graduates prove a 20-40% higher pass rate in the China National Medical Licensure Examination compared with the national average level.

The research focuses of TJUSM include stem cell/regenerative medicine, Immunology and infection diseases, Oncology, Geriatrics and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which bring more than 200 million RMB annual research funding and lead to more than 400 publications in renowned journals, such as Science, Nature and etc. each year. Eight affiliated hospitals with over 5000 registered beds in total are responsible for students' clinical training and internship. They own eight national key clinical research laboratories in thoracic surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology, occupational diseases, respiratory diseases, TCM, emergency medicine and nursing, and to provide a supportive environment to translate medical knowledge into daily patient care.

Nowadays TJUSM has established partnership with universities and institutions all over the world, which provides our top 30% students with opportunities of research or clinical rotations, and provides our faculty members with opportunities of continuing professional training in well-known foreign universities as well. TJUSM also participates in many international collaboration research projects and accommodates students and physicians from different countries, more than 70% from Europe and America for research and clinical training. The various international collaboration programs further contribute to TJUSM's pursuit of its triple mission of education, research, and health service.


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