Detailed Information About Tianshui Normal University

Tianshui Normal University
City: Tianshui
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Tianshui Normal University

    Tianshui Normal University was founded in 1959 which is situated in Qinzhou district, the center of Tianshui’s administration. It has 10 schools, 22 teaching departments and 23 research centers. The university has 17000 undergraduate students, 800 teaching members and 162 of them are professors. The international cooperation and exchange has paces fast in decades. Since 1985, the school has started to accept foreign teachers, and in 2000, the school has approved to recruit international students. Through years of struggling, Tianshui Normal University has been considered as one of the best choice for working and studying in China.

Detailed Contact Information
Xihe Road,Qinzhou District,Tianshui,Gansu
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