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Detailed Information About Tianjin Conservatory Of Music

Tianjin Conservatory Of Music
City: Tianjin
Level: Ordinary
Type: Art
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Tianjin Conservatory Of Music

    The Forerunner of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music (TCM) was the Central Conservatory of Music (CCM), which moved from Tianjin to Beijing in 1958, leaving a core faculty and library, on which the TCM was founded. In the following 46 years, the TCM has cultivated and graduated thousands of talented musicians. Who had become not only famous composers, instrumentalists, and singers, but also excellent music teachers. Many of our performers have been prizewinners in international music competitions. In addition our graduates have become high-level administrators and managers of a variety of institutions.
   Currently the TCM has departments of Music theory and Composition, Musicology, Orchestral music, Chinese National & Traditional Music, Keyboard performance, Vocal performance, Music Education, Pop Music, Art management, Dancing, Drama & Movie. In addition, it also has a Department of Graduate studies, the Institute of Adult Education, the affiliated Music Middle School, the Music Research Institute and the Editorial Department . Students from across China are recruited as postgraduate, undergraduate, two-year-course study, and graduate students. Overseas students are also warmly welcomed!
   The TCM now has formed a strong contingent in teaching and administration. There are 181 full-time instructors, among whom twenty-three are professors, including twenty-two who are enjoy the allowances granted by the state Council, and forty-eight associate professors. Faculty development and continuing education is considered critical to the future growth and improvement of the degree programs at the TCM. Many foreign experts are acting as long-term teachers, in addition to visiting scholars who come each year in connection with academic exchanges with other institutions. The TCM also annually sends between four and five of the best junior faculty members to well-known conservatories in Russia and other European countries. The hosting of many international academic conferences, and master classes, as well as exchanges and cooperative agreements with music groups from other nations have greatly improved the level of our teaching, research, composition and performance skills of the faculty, placing us well within the highest ranks of international schools of music .
    Large investments are regularly made to upgrade and improve the teaching resources and facilities. The TCM has recently constructed a new Computer Composition Studio, a CD & LD Room, a Multimedia Classroom, a Lab for research in music education and psychology, and rehearsal space for the Vocal department. It is also possible for students to enroll in long-distance courses at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing over the Internet.
    The TCM pays much attention to implementing the functional and practical results of scientific research in music education and teaching activities. In recent years, the TCM has introduced the bandoneon into the accordion instruction, also incorporated computer software and MIDI techniques into the composition curriculum, which result in the audio & video simulation. The CAI and multimedia teaching have also been introduced in many teaching areas, allowing teachers to enrich the audio materials and individualize the content available through the Internet.
   Guided by the motto "Pursuing Perfection and Creating Preeminence", the TCM will continue to build on its founding principles while striving for innovation. In so doing great achievements will be accomplished for the prosperity and development for the cause of music .

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