Detailed Information About Tianjin Agricultural University

Introduction of Tianjin Agricultural University

1. Tianjin Agricultural University (TJAU) Introduction

Tianjin Agricultural University (TJAU) was founded in 1976, located in Wuqing County and then moved to the current place in 1985, and incorporated with Urban and Rural Economy School of Tianjin in 2002 which was approved by Tianjin Municipal Government. It has become a bachelor degree-granting institution from 1982 and a master degree-granting one from 2006. In 1996, it passed the undergraduate evaluation by Ministry of education and got excellent result in undergraduate education evaluation in 2007. With Agricultural Science as its major strength, Engineering, Management, Science, Economy and Literature are in coordinated development. With years of practice, it is characterized by clinging to regional economic and social development and serving for coastal and urban agriculture.
The two campuses, eastern and western, cover an area of 1049 mu (about 69.9 hectares) with a floor space of 291,900 square meters. The teaching and researching equipment cost 83,000,000 yuan and has a stock of 770,000 books. There are modern buildings, laboratory buildings, libraries, net-work center and sports stadiums on campus. TJAU aims to cultivate high-quality applied talents with four awareness (independence, innovation, competition and fairness) and six abilities (self-confidence, creativity, cooperation, information-processing, life-long learning and writing). Altogether more than 17,000 students have graduated since the establishment of the school. Recently, the employment rate of graduates has reached 90%, which is ahead of the colleges in the same level in Tianjin. In 2007, a report in “People’s Daily” called “Graduates from TJAU are warmly welcome” highlighted the good employment situation of TJAU.
With the strategy of “strengthening university by talents”, a group of high-quality teaching and research faculty are formed. There are 2 municipal teaching teams, altogether 988 faculty members, among them 588 full-time teachers, 2 doctoral supervisors and 49 master’s supervisors. 103 teachers have doctoral degrees and 269 have master’s degrees. There are 91 professors and 242 associate professors, 20 experts who enjoy the special allowance awarded by the state government, 1 expert entitled by municipal government, 5 excellent teachers of municipal-level, 1 famous teacher of Tianjin, 16 members of “131 talent engineering” of Tianjin and 1 member of “millions of talent engineering” of China. TJAU also employs some well-known experts to be part-time professors, such as Shu Huairui, who is the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Xiong Youling, who is the member of the Cheung Kong Scholars Program.
With the strategy of promoting teaching by researching, the academic level has improved a lot. In the recent five years, TJAU has achieved 500 research programs, 106 of which are granted the National, Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Award. It has also achieved 5 “863” and ”973” programs, 14 programs of National Nature Science Fund, 1 program of National Social Science Fund, 2 programs of trans gene subjects by Ministry of Agriculture, 412 scientific research achievements with proprietary intellectual property rights and 30 granted patents. There are 140 literary works or translation works, 260 textbooks, 4000 research papers (120 have been included by SCI or EI), 1 State Teaching Achievement, 8 Provincial Teaching Achievements, and 32 research and teaching reform programs of provincial level. The publication “TJAU Journal” is the first-class journal of Tianjin and awarded national excellent agricultural journal several times, which becomes the important data resources of many databases.
International exchange and cooperation are growing rapidly. TJAU has built friendly exchange relationship with more than 20 countries and 50 universities all over the world, such as Germany, Ukraine, the Philippines, Japan, Canada and the U K.
TJAU stands at a higher historic point. Embracing the school spirit of “preciseness, reality, unity and creativity” and “devotion, hard-working, solidarity and self-improvement” and leaded by the spirit of the 17th Congress of CPC, it thoroughly applies "Scientific Outlook on Development" and positively implements the strategy of “quality, talents, character and culture oriented school”. Facing Tianjin and Bohai-Rim, taking the responsibility of serving for coastal and urban agriculture, it will spare no efforts to the economic, social and scientific development, and is heading for one of the top agricultural universities with distinctive features and greatest strength.
2. Tianjin Agricultural University (TJAU) Review
"The transportation is quite convenient." -Rabi
3. Tianjin Agricultural University (TJAU) Teaching quality
-The only municipal higher agricultural college in Tianjin.


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