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Detailed Information About Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Introduction of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

Founded in 1953, Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (SPPC) was the first higher educational institution linked to the publishing and printing industry in China. Co-sponsored by the former General Administration of Press and Publication and Shanghai Municipality, it is the cradle of professional education in this field. In 2008, SPPC was rated as excellent by the Ministry of Education in evaluation of talent training in higher vocational college. In 2010, it was listed as one of the 100 key construction units of higher vocational colleges in China. In 2015, it passed the inspection of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance and obtained the "Excellent" level. In 2017, a teacher of SPPC was selected as the image ambassador for the 46th World Skills Competition, and the college also helped Shanghai win the right to host the World Skills Competition in 2021.

Over the past 66 years, SPPC has trained more than 60,000 high-level technical talents and senior management personnel for China's publishing and printing industry. As representatives of China, some students in SPPC attend the World Skills Competition for three years, and won the bronze and silver medals in the Print Media Technology Projects of the 42nd and 43rd World Skills Competitions, in 2013 and 2015 respectively. In the two consecutive American Printing Awards in 2017 and 2018, teachers and students from SPPC won 15 of the highest awards -- the Benny Award. As high-skilled talents in China's print media are gradually moving from SPPC to the world, the college was identified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as the China Training Base for the 43rd, 44th and 45th Print Media 24Technology Project in World Skills Competition, and was awarded the “National Skilled Talent Training Outstanding Contribution Award”. SPPC has also been identified as the "National Training Base for Printing and Publishing Talents" by the former State Press and Publication Administration and has been awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the Training of Skilled Talents" for five times. In March 2018, Simon Bartley, President of the World Skills Organization, was hired as an honorary professor in the college and established "Simon Bartley China Skills Research Studio".

SPPC takes it as its own responsibility to train technical and skilled talents who serve the publishing and printing media industry in Shanghai and the whole country and adheres to the philosophy of “based in Shanghai, leading the country, rely on its advantages in the industry, and making a contribution to society". With the characteristics of "combination of engineering, literature and art; integration of editing, printing and development, and three-pronged way of teaching, learning and doing", SPPC is committed to building a distinctive college of applied technology skills, a national publishing and printing talent training base, a cultural and creative industry service base in Shanghai, and an advanced media technology promotion base in the world.

Adhering to the motto of “Advocating Morality, Promoting Virtue, Practice Earnestly and Dedicated to Prosperity", SPPC is committed to connotative development, characteristic development, international development. By inheriting China's excellent publishing and printing culture, and actively absorbing international education ideas, advanced concepts, rich content, and flexible forms of education, SPPC has formed three major professional groups: "Printing Engineering and Packaging Design", "Publishing Dissemination and Cultural Management" and "Art design and Film and Television Animation", which are infiltrated by engineering, literature and art with distinctive characteristics. The college currently has the Department of Printing and Packaging Engineering, Department of Publishing and Dissemination, Department of Printing Equipment Engineering, Department of Art and Design, Department of Cultural Management, Department of Film and Television Art, Department of Foundational Teaching, Department of Ideological and Political Education, College of Modern Media Technology and Art, the Office of Continuing Education and other teaching departments.

Oriented by employment, SPPC eyes building a comprehensive college of engineering, literature and art, and pays attention to students' professional technical skills training and vocational quality. Based on the industry situation, the college has formed a practical teaching system consisting of curriculum experiments, production training, and internship practice. The college has first-class experimental and training facilities, complete professional equipment, and abundant experimental training programs. The"Green Plate making and Standardization Laboratory of flexographic Printing", built by SPPC as the leading unit, has been approved as the "professional field laboratory" in the first batch of key laboratories of science, technology and standards in the press and publishing industry, which is a national and provincial key laboratory in project construction.

SPPC attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges, and has forged a good partnership with universities, multinational companies and industry organizations across more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, France, Finland, Japan and Singapore. Among them, there are many international well-known units, such as Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States, the University of Oulu in Finland, Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd in German and Komori Co., Ltd in Japan. The college cooperates with the Otterbein University (in the US), the Rochester Institute of Technology, the French 3IS-Institut International de L’image et du son (3IS) and the French Business college Art, Culture, Luxury, Cultural Heritage (EAC) to organize a number of Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Among them, the project of printing picture and text information processing (among colleges) jointly held by the university was rated as the second Shanghai model Sino-foreign cooperative education commendation project. Since SPPC successfully completed the on-site evaluation of the American media Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications (ACCGC) certification for print media technology, internationalized running has become the brand of SPPC.

SPPC actively responded to the Belt and Road Initiative of the country, vigorously carried out overseas technical skills programs, set up a Bisheng Workshop Training Base in Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry in Uzbekistan and, and assisted the Bangladesh National Printing Industry Association in the preparation of the printing vocational college. The book of Publishing and Printing Personnel Training Textbook, as a training material, carries out printing skills training for staff in countries along the Belt and Road, which promotes international publishing and printing service, and enhances the cooperation and exchanges between industry and the countries along the route.

At present, the college has nearly 6,000 full-time students. The students trained by the college have been widely welcomed by the employers. The employment rate of college graduates has been above 99% for many years, and the rate of undergraduate promotion has been maintained at more than 15%.

SPPC adheres to the concept of “invigorating colleges with distinctive features, establishing colleges with unique characteristics, and strengthening colleges with talents”, consolidates the “trinity”achievements in the construction of a national model backbone vocational college. It dedicates to the college-enterprise cooperation with multiple members, and strives to build the college into an international leading institutions of higher vocational education in the field of Chinese publishing, printing and media. Striving to build the college into a leading institution of higher vocational education in the field of publishing and printing media in China with important international influence, it is committed to training high-end applied technical talents of printing and publishing media with international vision, humanistic literacy, artistic vision and innovative consciousness, so as to serve the economic, social and cultural development of Shanghai and the country.

Advantages of Studying in SPPC

1.Study in Shanghai is the first choice for aspiring students.

SPPC is located in China's largest economic center and trading port city, Shanghai. From the glamorous Bund of Shanghai to the heaven-kissing Oriental Pearl Tower, from the row upon row of high-rise buildings, to the resplendent street at night, Shanghai is always emitting a strong cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the busy airport, the markets in riotous profusions, Shanghai is running with the rhythm of the flow of modern economic factors. With its unique geographical advantages and the tremendous energy accumulated in the reform and opening-up, in the ups and downs of the world's economic sea surf, Shanghai becomes the arena of international capital, an important base of global business strategy of transnational corporations, but also shows the world its open style and a new image full of vitality. A few years of study and living in such a city where Chinese and western cultures mingle and the economy flourishes can effectively raise your Chinese level and give you a broad international outlook and excellent competence. There are many job opportunities for overseas students after graduation. Foreigners who can speak Chinese have good career development space in Shanghai.

2.SPPC is the best choice for the wise studying abroad.

SPPC is the cradle of publishing and printing professional education in China. With high-level skilled personnel training as the goal of running a college, over the past 67 years of running a college has trained more than 60,000 high-level technical backbone and industry senior management talents for China, it has been awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award of National Skilled Personnel Cultivation" for 5 times in a row. SPPC has world-class teaching and experimental facilities and a world-leading talent-training level. Students have participated in the world skills competition on behalf ofChina for three consecutive years, and have won the Bronze and Silver Medals at the 42nd and 43rd  World Skills Awards for Print Media Technology; at the two consecutive US print awards in 2017 and 2018, SPPC teachers and students won 15 of the highest awards --The Benny Award; in 2019, SPPC teachers and students have won many German Red Dot. Simon Bartley, a former president of the World Skills Organization, was hired as an honorary professor at the school and founded the Simon Bartley workshop on China Skills. SPPC is an ideal place for you to learn "Printing Engineering and Packaging Design", "Publishing Communication and Cultural Management", "Art Design and Animation"  and other technical skills.

In addition, in order to develop its own cause of internationalization, SPPC has organized a good teams of teachers for Chinese learning to provide a Chinese Language training platform for overseas students; SPPC has also set up "SPPC international Student Entrance Scholarship" and "SPPC International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship" for international students to help you study without worry. SPPC is located near the Wujiaochang, Yangpu District, the sub-center of Shanghai, and provides dormitory for overseas students conveniences. SPPC is employment-oriented and focuses on students' professional skills training and professional qualities, relying on industry, set up by the course experiment, production training, on-the-job practice teaching system, with hundreds of cooperative enterprises, which can provide you with a lot of internship opportunities; SPPC is a member of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology system, which can help international students to be recommended to USST and other universities of the system for further undergraduate or master's degrees study either after a college degree in SPPC or language studies.

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