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Detailed Information About Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai Conservatory of Music
City: Shanghai
Level: Ordinary
Type: Art
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

    The predecessor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM) was the State-run Conservatory of Music, founded by Mr. Cai Yuanpei and Professor Xiao Youmei on Nov.27th of 1927 in Shanghai. It was the first educational institution of higher professional music in our country to have independent organizational system, and it has been renamed as Shanghai Conservatory of Music since 1956. In the year of 2000, Shanghai Conservatory of Music was allocated into Shanghai City instead of being directly subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, and now it is under joint management of both the Ministry of Culture and Shanghai City. The present Secretary of the Party Committee is Sang Xiufan, and the Dean is Xu Shuya.

    In the early years of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, our school has referred to the western educational pattern of higher professional music, combining with the cultural tradition of Chinese music. In the aspects of discipline construction, professional curriculum and teaching management, it has gradually developed distinct school-running features and a school-running concept laying equal stress on theory, creation and performing arts, on western music and traditional Chinese music, and on teaching and practice. At present, Shanghai Conservatory of Music has integrated specialty setups and complete administrative levels. With its 14 departments and affiliated Secondary Professional Music School (including affiliated primary school), Shanghai Conservatory of Music has initiated a coherent teaching system with Chinese characteristics. Now, Shanghai Conservatory of Music is qualified to confer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor’s degrees and owns a mobile post-doctoral station of art theory.

    Shanghai Conservatory of Music adheres to elite educational strategy and boasts a high-level faculty. It attaches great importance to the development of students’innovative and practical abilities in order to construct an innovative talents training system. Not only has it formed a teaching tradition laying emphasis on basic education, strict teaching and practices, but also brought up generations of China’s singers, players, composers and music theorists who enjoy great reputation in music circles worldwide. All these achievements contribute to the founding ofShanghai Conservatory of Music’s leading position in the field of China’s professional music education.

    In the new era, Shanghai Conservatory of Music carries out education policy of the Party in an all-round way under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and important thought of“Three Represents”, and adheres to Scientific Outlook on Development. Shanghai Conservatory of Music keeps its foothold in Shanghai, always at service to the whole country and faces the world. In 1997, Jiang Zemin has written an inscription for the seventieth anniversary of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, “To establish first-class music education, and to create advanced international level”. It not only showed his earnest expectation to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, but also made our goal and orientation clear and definite. Shanghai Conservatory of Music will take the responsibility of cultivating excellent music artists of superb morality and artistry on itself with its generosity and innovative pioneering spirit, in order to strive for the improvement of Chinese folk music and world’s music culture.


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