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Introduction of Shanghai Business School

Shanghai Business School (SBS), formerly East China Branch of Tax Administration School of the Central Government, is a 70-year-old school under the direct auspices of Shanghai Municipal Government.

Sticking to the polices of keeping pace with the times and bringing forth new ideas for the last seven decades, Shanghai Business School has graduated tens of thousands of well-qualified political and economic leaders at all levels both at home and abroad.

SBS boasts a faculty body of more than 400 full-time instructors, among whom 37.9% have Master or PhD degrees and 34.7% are associate professors, professors and researchers. In addition, the school has a team of over 100 visiting professors consisting of senior business leaders such as chairman of the boards and chief executives of nationally or internationally known enterprise groups.

At present Shanghai Business School has more than ten thousand full-time students in its ten divisions: Division of Administration Management, Division of Business Economics, Division of Finance and Accounting, Division of Hotel Management and Food Quality, Division of Art and Design, Division of Business Foreign Languages, Division of Computer and Electronic Information, Division of Law and Politics, the College of Social Science and Foundation Courses, and Division of Adult Education. The school offers twenty undergraduate programs, forty-five advanced vocational programs and seven Sino-foreign cooperation programs, of which two are named national educational reform experimental programs and one is a municipality-level educational reform experimental program. The employment rate of the graduates has remained over 95%, ranking at the forefront of the universities and colleges in Shanghai.

Since China's economic reform, Shanghai Business School has established influential research institutes and training organizations, including Shanghai Chain Operation Management Research Institute, Shanghai E-Business Education Institute, Modern Development Research Institute, Japan Business Research Institute, Japan Studies Research Institute, Shanghai Professional Skill Appraisal Institute, National Center for Training Teachers of Junior Colleges or Vocational Colleges, and Shanghai Service Center of Human Resources Development and Service. What's more, SBS has completed a series of comprehensive, perspective and highly academic researches, which will play vital roles in the economic and social development of Shanghai as well as the whole country by providing scientific basis for the critical reforms in the economic field. The university's academic journal, Journal of Shanghai Business School, is one of China's principal published periodicals on commerce and trade. Besides, it also participates in the publishing and editing of other core Chinese journals like East China Economic Management.

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