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Detailed Information About Shandong University of Technology

Introduction of Shandong University of Technology

Shandong University of Technology was founded in 1956 and was one of the first public colleges certified to confer the bachelor's degree by China 's Department of State. The university is under the direct leadership of the Shandong Provincial Government and is located in Zibo city where the ancient and profound Qi culture originated.

The university's fundamental goal is to provide high-level educational resources and cultivate socially demanded talents. By taking the teaching-centered orientation, it is the first to reform its student recruiting and credit system in the country; the former is characterized by "Big Arts, Big Science" categories, the latter by displaying the students' own personality and projecting their freedom of choice.

A competent faculty is of utmost importance for the development of a university and the elevation of teaching quality. The university authority fully realizes that human resource is the topmost resource and great masters are the key factors in building a famous university. Thus the university authority takes the building of a high-quality faculty as the top priority in its work. A concourse of enterprising teachers has been introduced into the university according to the faculty-building principle of "Absorbing Talents, Cultivating Teams, and Making Masters".

Shandong University of Technology attaches great importance to scientific research, and believes that scientific exploration, independent innovation and contribution to the economic and social development are fundamental tasks for a university. The university insists on the research guideline of "Cultivating Talents, Accomplishing Achievements, and Improving Efficiency" and fully utilizes the advantage of its engineering-centered course arrangement, and attaches equal importance to basic researches and applied researches. By strengthening the connection between enterprises and research institutes, the university has contributed extensively to the development of the regional economy.

The university authority also realizes that the internationalization of higher education is both the inevitable trend in the era of knowledge-based economy and the internal requirement for the development of higher education itself. The university adheres to the openness principle and internationalization strategy, and has established friendly ties with dozens of universities in more than ten other nations. As a result, effective and extensive cooperation and communication have been conducted between this university and its sister universities. Students of various cultural backgrounds are welcome to study at this university to create a multi-cultural exchange, and we also send our own students to study in universities worldwide to have them deepen the understanding of the world and inspire their creative thinking.

Shandong University of Technology will never lack vitality and energy. Faced with new opportunities, we will deepen the reform, promote innovation, and unite our forces to accelerate the development of the university on the basis of inheriting the fine historical legacy. We will exert ourselves to build this university into a comprehensive high-level one and will continue to create more splendors.

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