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Introduction of Shandong University of Political Science and Law

1. Shandong University of Political Science and Law (SUPL) Introduction
Shandong University of Political Science and Law (SUPL), located in Jinan, the historical and cultural city, is the only ordinary institution of higher learning characterized by centering on politics and law in Shandong Province. SUPL has a history of more than 50 years, during which, every aspect has grown considerably with the arduous work and unremitting efforts of several generations.
In recent years, closely combining the situation, the university has determined the school-running orientation, namely teaching-oriented university as the school-running type, cultivating talents with applied competence as the personal training goal and serving the local economy and social development as the service object. Besides, the development strategy of “Dislocation Competition and Characteristic Development” has been established. SUPL is now on her way of scientific, connotative and characteristic development.
The campus covers an area of 140.5 acres with 240,000 square meters school building. Its facilities are well-designed and properly distributed with full functions and rational regionalization. The gross fixed assets totals 4.1 billion RMB, and the teaching and researching equipment has the value of 40,370,000 RMB. More than 100 off-school practice bases related to court, procuratorate, law offices, criminal executing agencies and some enterprises have been established. Five teaching and training centers have been built within campus for the majors of law, computer, foreign language, economic management and journalism. Among them, the Law Teaching and Training Center is awarded as the Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. In addition, there are more than 20 research institutions (centers) in SUPL, such as Research Center for Social Stability of Shandong Province, Research Base for Ideological and Political Work of Shandong Province, Forensic Evidence Laboratory, Civil and Commercial Affair Law and People's Livelihood and so on. With the total construction area of 12,100 square meters, the library has the collection of 920,000 print books and 3,054GB electronic books. It also owns an information center for electronic document resources, which is the first network retrieval station for digital libraries of “Super Star”, “Shusheng” and “Springer Link of Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure”. The library has been awarded as the Advanced University Library of Automation of Shandong Province.
SUPL currently has a high-quality faculty of more than 700 members, among which, more than 500 are full-time teachers, and half of them are professors and associate professors. More than 40 of them are doctors and postgraduate supervisors, and more than 400 have obtained master’s or doctor’s degrees. There are two famous teaching teams which are identified as outstanding teaching teams of Shandong Province. More than 100 teachers are double-skilled teachers, full-time teachers as well as part-time lawyers. Many of them serve as committee members on the Arbitration Commission, Legislative and Consultative Committee of the province. Besides, 7 of the full-time teachers have been awarded the honor of Provincial Distinguished Teachers or even Nationwide Prominent Teachers. In addition, over 100 renowned specialists from inside and outside the province are being appointed as the part-time and visiting professors.
SUPL has always been focusing on the performance of its teaching function, with its teaching reforms supported by advanced educational concepts and the spirit of innovation. With much devotion and perseverance, great achievements have been achieved. The university now has 12 teaching units, namely Law School, School of Criminal Justice, School of Civil and Commercial Law, School of Economic and Trade Law, Police Officer Academy, Business School, Foreign Language Department, Information Science and Technology Department, Journalism and Communication Department, Politics and Administration Management Department, Physical Education Department, and School of Further Education, covering 34 majors for associate and undergraduate degrees. In Oct. 2011, approved by the PRC State Council Academic Degrees Committee, the university obtained the enrollment qualification of Master Degree of Laws
The university is currently implementing a quality education project by reinforcing its connotative construction and striving to build a characteristic educational system, while forging its 4 main curriculums, i.e. classroom curriculum, online course system, practical training curriculum and student quality expanding curriculum. The major setting of the university involves 5 types of disciplines, i.e. law, management, economics, literature and engineering, in which about 20 courses have been rated as provincial and ministerial excellent courses, 5 majors identified as feature majors on provincial level, and 1 major set as a pilot reform major by the Ministry of Education, undertaking about 10 provincial teaching reform projects and winning numbers of awards for its outstanding teaching performance and excellent textbooks compiled. Furthermore, the university stresses the application of modern educational technology. Having set up studios for quality course recording and broadcasting, information management platforms for teaching, educational administration platform and other updated teaching facilities, the university managed to establish a talent cultivation mode based on information technology and internet, and created a much more integrated system for the supervision and guarantee of its teaching quality.
SUPL carries forward systematically the discipline construction. The university insists the principles of long-term planning and combination of the principal and the subsidiary, following the idea of “give prominence to features and enforce the science of law, while accord priority and plan the other subjects as a whole”. The university focuses on the development of legal subjects with traditional advantages as criminal law, economic law, civil and commercial law, theoretical law, and the like, and actively promotes prison administration, economics, management science, English, Japanese, computer informational management and other subjects. At present, the university has formed a discipline construction covering every second-rate subject in law. Supporting functions of the other disciplines, such as economics, management, literature and engineering become increasingly obvious. The university has taken shape in a particular discipline system of “law as the main body, while other subjects grow harmoniously”.
The university has 1 provincial featured key discipline --- Criminal Law, 1 provincial key discipline --- Economic Law, 1 provincial key laboratory --- Forensic Evidence Laboratory, and 1 key research base of humanities and social sciences of the universities in Shandong province --- Civil Law and People’s Livelihood Research Centre. The law subject of the university has become one of the best law teams in Shandong Province. Among all of the law subjects in colleges and universities of Shandong, the law subject in our university is the first one who has “Three Keys” construction projects at the same time (provincial featured key subject, provincial key laboratory and provincial key research base).
Scientific research achievements are increasing year by year. In the past years, the university has been consolidating the management of scientific research items. The rate of the project approval and the cost of scientific research have been increasing considerably. During the period of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, more than 100 items from Shandong province and ministries of China have been approved, while more than 30 items have been awarded the Prize of Science and Technology Progress. As the first legal journal published publicly in Shandong, the university’s “Journal of Political Science and Law” has been awarded as the excellent journal of Shandong province, which was selected into CSSCI.
The university insists on the idea of “uniting together, working together, being harmonious and being happy”, and highlights the spirit of university motto of “Extensive Learning and Persevering Working, Sturdy Will and Just Manner”, forming her excellent teaching, learning and school spirits. During the past years, SUPL has awarded the honors of the “Working Unit Trusted by the Mass”, the “Security Campus”, the “Civilization Campus”, the “University of Excellent Moral Education Construction”, the “Model Unit of Managing University Affairs According to Law”, the “Advanced Unit of the Management of Campus”, and so on.
Aiming at enhancing the professional accomplishments and multiple qualifications of students, SUPL devotes all her efforts to cultivating them to be highly specialized with sound personality, professional foundation, and innovative thought ability. During the period of the “11th Five-Year Plan”, SUPL has turned out 12,600 university and junior college students, and 7,123 adult students. At present, the university has more than 11,500 full-time students, including 7,644 regular undergraduate students. All the students are under perfect administration and service system, and nearly 30% of them enjoy assistance from award and assist policies. Students’ employment situation is satisfied and all kinds of vocational qualifications pass rate is in a high side. Since 2008, the passing rate of the “National Judicial Qualification Examinations” grows continuously and keeps in much higher level than the national average. In 2008, the rate was 39%. In 2009, the rate has reached to 51.36%. In 2010, the rate has reached to 54%. In 2011, the rate was 51%. Among the first graduates of Penology major, the passing rate of different kinds of national civil servants has reached 56%. 35% of them entered the “Bachelor’s Station” of the prison system, and other forms of employment is by 3%. The official employment rate has reached to 94.7%. In recent years the passing rate of the postgraduate entrance exam kept over 20%. The general employment rate of the graduates maintains at about 90%.
The university adheres to grasping every new opportunity, pursues invigorating spirit to every challenge, and keeps striving to exploit innovations. It is now on her development way of advancing into a distinctively characterized teaching-oriented university.
2. Shandong University of Political Science and Law (SUPL) Review

"My teachers and classmates are very friendly,they help me a lot with my living." -Ula
3. Shandong University of Political Science and Law (SUPL) Teaching quality
-Shandong University of Political Science and Law has always been focusing on the performance of its teaching function, with its teaching reforms supported by advanced educational concepts and the spirit of innov


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