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Detailed Information About North Minzu University

North Minzu University
City: Yinchuan
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of North Minzu University

North Minzu University, directly the control of the State Ethnic Affairs Committee, is a muti-disciplinary higher education university. The university is located in Yinchuan, "A Jiangnan in the deserted frontier (Jiangnan in Chinese refers to the fertile water land in south of Yangtze River, and the mention of Jiangnan will enable Chinese people to depict a watertown with beautiful rivers and bridges in their mind) " and is in adjacent to the famous Xixia Imperial Tombs. It covers an area of over 766671 square meters with 280175 square meters for construction area. With its quiet and beautiful surroundings and profound cultural heritage the university is granted the title of "National Green 400 best units" of  China Central Government and "a garden-like unit" of Yinchuan by the municipal government.

The university includes 17 college and 3 development center, social science and physical training, 44 undergraduate subjects, 10 master degree subjects, two key provincial(ministerial)-level subjects, six provincial-level undergraduate talents training bases and five key provincial(ministerial)-level laboratories. Currently, more than 10,000 students are studing in the university. With overseas students from 7 countries. The university has over 1000 teachers and employees with more than 300 professors and associate professors. The library has collected 1.0 million books, the cost of teaching research facility is over million RMB.

The university is a key opening-up unit of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. So far, experts, scholars and government officials from over 60 countries have come to make academic exchanges and visits. BEU has established inter-university cooperative relations with foreign colleges of Britain Coventry University, Wales University, Shaw University of U.S.A , Canada First Nationality University, Thailand Payap University and academic exchange relations with the research institutes of USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands and finished many international cooperative research projects; BEU has exchanged students with Multimedia University of Malaysia.

Warm welcome every friend from all over the world to our university to study.


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