Detailed Information About Luoyang Normal University

Luoyang Normal University
City: Luoyang
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Luoyang Normal University

    Luoyang Normal University is located at Luoyang City,a historic cultural city and a famous ancient capital of 13 dynasties.Since its foundation in the year of 1916,the university has witnessed 90 years.The university has 17 colleges: Chinese literature,Culture &History, Politics and Law, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Information Technology, Physics & Electronic Information,Chemistry, Physical Education, Music, Fine Arts,Education Science,Life Science,Adult Education and so on and 4 public teaching sections. It covers 41 four-year program specialties. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese History, Science-Technology Philosophy and Optics are chosen as key subjects.     
    At present, it has over 15000 full-time students, In 2003, it began to accept international students.     
    There is a teaching staff of 1200,of whom over 540 have doctor and master's educational background, and over 340 are professors or associate professors.There are nearly 100 national,provincial and municipal academic and technological leaders.The university occupies an area of 1100 Mu with a floor space of 600,000 square meters.     
    The teaching instruments and apparatus of the university have a total value of ¥80 ,000,000.The library houses over 1600,000 books,2100 kind of periodicals both in Chinese and foreign languages,and 200,000 kind of electronic books as well.Besides,it has some modern teaching and ientific research institutes,such as Education Science Research Institute,Aquatic Products Research Institute,International Research Center for Heluo Culture,and Network Center.It has a first-class library,some modern classroom buildings,lab buildings,art building,multi-media buildings,and an International Academic Exchange Center.
    Luoyang Normal University adheres to the principle of harmonious development of the scale,structure,quality and benefit.
   The construction of branches of learning plays a leading role;four-year program education is the centerpiece; cultivating new talents becomes the core; developing students’ability of creativity and practice is the emphasis.The university is promoting the full-scale quality education.So far,a large number of its graduates have achieved great achievement in various fields. University pays special attention to science and technology research. In recent years,350 textbooks and academic works as well as over 5000 academic papers have been published,of which over 1000 academic papers have been published in the core periodicals,such as Xinhua Digest,over 400 academic papers have been published in the international authoritative periodicals and have been collected in Science Citation Index and Engineering Index.The university has undertaken over 100 scientific research projects in succession at or above the provincial level,over 100 have been awarded prizes of science and technology achievements or excellent teaching granted by authoritative institutions at or above the level of the province and governmental ministry.
    The journal of Luoyang Normal College has been chosen as the first-class periodical at the provincial level. Since its foundation, the university has gained rich experience and accumulated the strong strength in running schools and formed its own system: Normal’ education and non- Normal’education existing side by side, complementing advantages mutually and optimizing the development.

Detailed Contact Information
71# luolong RD,Luoyang City,Henan Province
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