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Detailed Information About Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology

Introduction of Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology

Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology(LNIST), located in Shenxi New Town Liaoning province, 35 kilometers away from Shenyang City. The school covers an area of 871 thousand square meters. Founded in 1948, LNIST is a full-time public general higher education school with a focus on engineering and multidisciplinary development.

The institute is composed of 17 secondary teaching departments which offer 36 undergraduate majors covering the five major disciplines: engineering, management, literature, arts, and education. Certain majors and courses that reach national and provincial approval are as follows: 1 undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot major on state-level, 1 undergraduate comprehensive reform pilot major on province-level, 1 undergraduate key construction major on province-level, 1 cultivation model reform pilot major of undergraduate engineering talents on province-level, 2 reform pilot majors of innovative and entrepreneurial education on province-level. There are 8
feature majors reaching provincial requirements. The institute totally has 901 faculties and 1096 full-time students.

In recent years, the institute has actively conducted 673 scientific and applied research projects, including 18 projects from the national natural foundation and the national scientific support program, and 172 projects on province-level. The school has also performed 173 educational and teaching researches and teaching reform projects, winning 19 provincial teaching achievement prizes, including 3 first prizes.

To execute extensive cooperation with enterprises, the institute has set up Big-Data College together with Zhongke Sugon Group, Sino-Us Double Hundred College with GCC-Gate(US), and Siasun Robot Application College with Siasun Robot Company.

The institute actively carries out cooperation in production, education and research, and has built a stable school-enterprise cooperation platform. It has established cooperative relationships with more than 500 enterprises and institutions, accepting students' internships, training and employment.

In addition, the institute also expands domestic and international exchanges and cooperation. It has established a good cooperation relationships with Silla University of Korea, Boren university in Thailand, Malaysia Bothe University, Witter Institute of Science and Technology in New Zealand, Russian Pacific National University, and Japan Co. LTD, etc., hence constantly unfolding its international education cooperation.

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