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Introduction of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

1. Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JUST) Introduction
Founded in 1958, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JUST) features distinctive disciplines and a balanced curriculum of science, engineering, materials, computer, economics, management, arts and law. Being a research-intensive public university with high teaching quality, JUST is dedicated to providing its students with advanced knowledge and skills in an academic environment full of intellectual stimulation and scientific innovation. The university is currently joint-sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Jiangxi Provincial Government. It is also one of the five top-ranking universities in Jiangxi Province.
With around 2,000 staff, JUST has a top quality teaching and R&D staff represented by nationally renowned educators as well as very competitive scientific research teams based in many state-level key laboratories and engineering and technological research centers. The highly accomplished faculty and scientific research competency create a favorable learning environment for our students. JUST has established a set of highly competitive undergraduate and graduate programs, including Mining Engineering, metallurgical engineering, Mineral Processing Engineering, Material Engineering, Technology and Economic Management. The research capability and facility in the fields of tungsten, copper, rare earth and lithium battery is currently in the leading position in China.
JUST has 3 campuses in Ganzhou and a campus in Nanchang. It covers more than 200 acres with an overall structural area of over 800,000 square meters. The four beautiful campuses are like tranquil and elegant parks allowing our students to study free of worry and earthly affairs. With the school motto of “diligence, factuality, aspiration and virtue”, JUST has always been making every endeavor to develop its united and pioneering spirit since its establishment. JUST now offers a wide range of courses, including 63 undergraduate programs, 84 master programs and 1 PhD program. JUST is entitled to enroll students outside of Chinese Mainland. About 30,000 students are enrolled in the university’s 14 faculties and 18 scientific research institutes. The graduates of JUST have long been popular in the competitive job market for their good adaptability, team spirit and diligence. The student employment rate of JUST is listed top 50 among 2,000 higher education institutes in China.
Over its history, JUST has actively adapted to the trend of international education development. With the spirit of “embracing all streams in pursuit of excellence”, JUST is taking the road of open education and is actively strengthening communication and cooperation with universities across the world. Today, JUST has established long-term and wide-ranging academic exchange relationships with over 60 universities, enterprise groups and scientific research institutions from America, Japan, France, Germany, Britain, Canada, South Korea and Australia.
The university has long been committed to promote the Chinese language and culture in the international community. Approved by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council in 2011, the Chinese Education Base (CEB) of JUST is the only one of its kind hosted by a science and technology university. So far, 36 teachers of JUST has been sent overseas for language courses and teacher training in the USA, Malaysia, Canada and Fiji. CEB of JUST has hosted a series of Hakka Culture Summer Camps by inviting the teenagers of overseas countries to Ganzhou city. These activities were highly appreciated by the students, their family, local community and overseas Chinese Association.
Ganzhou city, being reputed as Hakka Cradle and Forest Treasure, has abundant Hakka culture resources and eco-friendly elements. JUST enjoys conspicuous geographic and academic advantages in the fields of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and teaching Hakka culture. The Chinese International Education Center of JUST has taught Chinese language and culture courses to over 600 international students from 10 countries around the world who are now proficient in Chinese and familiar with Chinese culture. Its programs cover both short-term and long-term language certificate courses and degree courses, each with its own distinctive characteristics. In order to meet the diversified needs of students, JUST has made conscientious efforts to optimize its disciplines, update its specialties, create new fields of study and develop a rational and substantial curriculum.
2. Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JUST) Review
"This university often organizes interesting campus activities for enriching our study life.I feel happy living here. "-Larry
3. Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JUST) Teaching quality
-One of the 5 key construction universities in Jiangxi Province.


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