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Detailed Information About Jiangsu College of Nursing

Jiangsu College of Nursing
City: Huai'an
Level: Ordinary
Type: Medicine
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Jiangsu College of Nursing

Jiangsu College of Nursing (JSCN) is located in Huai'an, a famous historical and cultural city and the hometown of Premier Zhou Enlai, a great man in China’s history. The college was founded in 1958 as Huaiyin Medical School; its history can be traced back to the Huaiyin Renci (love and mercy) Hospital Nursing School founded by the American Presbyterian Church in 1915. In December 2014, with the provincial government's approval, China's Ministry of Education recorded the establishment of Jiangsu College of Nursing, which has become a full-time provincial public college since.

The college is now located in Huai’an City’s urban area, Jiangsu Province. It has two campuses, which are on the Huanghe Road and the Keji Road, respectively. The college covers more than 500 mu (33.33 acres) and has 17 majors, including nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical examination technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) rehabilitation technology. There are more than 8,000 full-time students and over 700 faculty members. For many consecutive years, the passing rate of the “National Nursing Examination” for our college’s fresh nursing graduates has been over 99%. The employment rate of graduates usually reaches over 98% in the year when they graduate. The school has won dozens of awards, including the first prize in skill competitions among national vocational colleges. Since the establishment of JSCN, the college has trained more than 80,000 high-quality medical and health professionals for society and has made significant contributions to regional economic and social development.

Adhering to the college motto of “care life, self-cultivation”, the ethos of “fairness and justice” , and the spirit of “enlightenment and opening up, innovation and excellence, solidarity and pursuit of first-rank”, we are committed to building a health service highland that integrates medical care and health care and making a first-class high-quality health vocational college nationwide.

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