Detailed Information About Hubei Normal University

Hubei Normal University
City: Huangshi
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Hubei Normal University

Hubei Normal University is the only multi-discipline comprehensive higher education institution directly under the Educational Administration in southeast Hubei Province. In 2007, the university received a high grade in the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation by Ministry of Education. Located in the city of Huangshi known as Bright Pearl on South Yangtze, the University covers an area about of 1.3 square kilometers and lies on the Shore of Greenhill Lake. The buildings have a total floor space of 380,000 square meters and are nestled among the Fupen Mountain. The green trees and clean lakes give the university a perfect studying environment.

Covering learning divisions of languages, history, economics, law, science, engineering, and education (its’ main feature), HBNU currently has 20 departments and institutes, which consist of 37 specialties for undergraduate course, 18 for 3-year course and 4 for postgraduate course. Among them, many specialties are core courses at the provincial level such as Chinese literature theory, Chinese grammatology, applied mathematics, phonics, analytical chemistry and so on. HBNU has 810 teachers on the regular payroll, of whom 94 are professors, 229 associated professors. The number of full-time students in HBNU amounts over 20,000. During the recent years, ninety percent of the graduates were employed immediately upon graduation, and due to this, HBNU is awarded as the Advanced group of graduate employment for Hubei higher education institutions.

The International College of HBNU is a institute for sending students abroad as well as receiving oversea students and language training. Except for the short term Chinese language training and long term degree education, we also invite those who are interested in specialist subjects in traditional Chinese culture into our university for short term study. These include Chinese calligraphy, tai-chi, Kong-fu, folk music, Feng-Shui, cross stitch, cuisine, Chinese massage, ping-pong ect.

Detailed Contact Information
11, Cihu Road, Huangshi, Hubei Province
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