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1. Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT) Introduction
Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT), with its main campus lying to the west of Huaguo mountain- a famous AAAA national scenic spot, is located in the eastern bridgehead of the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge -- Lianyungang City, one of the initially approved coastal cities of economy in China. The institute is a undergraduate institution of higher education with multiple disciplines, featured by diverse majors of engineering as well as the majors related to marine science and technology. It was established in 1985. Mr. Yaobang Hu, a former General Secretary of Communist Party of China (CPC) autographed the name of Huaihai Institute of Technology. Since stepping into the new century, HHIT has been awarded “A Paragon of Civilization” by the provincial government of Jiangsu and “A National Model of Green Unit” by the National Committee of Virescence. In 2007, the institute passed the undergraduate teaching assessment directed by the Ministry of Education. After years of construction and development, HHIT has become a high-level and strong institution of higher education with its unique features.
HHIT has 4 campuses covering an area of 2,166 mu (about 1,444,000㎡) with a floor space over 500,000㎡, an enrollment of 16,500 students and 1,600 faculty and staff members. It has fixed assets over 650 million yuan (RMB), with teaching facilities totally up to 100 million yuan (RMB) and a library collection of over 1.27 million books as well as rich electronic acdemic resources. The institute comprises 18 schools,2 faculties and 51 undergraduate programs covering engineering, managing, arts, science, agronomy, law and economics.
Among the nearly one thousand teachers in HHIT, 45.5% are professors and associate professors and 66.8% have acquired degrees of doctor or master; the numbers of doctors are 132; more than 60 teachers are invited by other universities to work as part-time tutors of doctor students or masters.
HHIT regards the teaching quality as the lifeline of education and puts emphasis on the education for all-around development of students in order to cultivate talented personnel “who can easily adapt to the society with ability to make further advances”. Since its establishment, HHIT has turned out more than 20 thousand eligible graduates. In the recent 5 years, 455 students have been awarded different-level prizes in various contests, with one champion prize awarded to HHIT Delegate for the Provincial Robot Contest in 2006. 134 students actively participated in projects like “Volunteers Serving West China”, “Volunteers Serving North Jiangsu Province” and “Volunteers Served as Village Officials in Jiangsu Province ”. One of them was awarded the “Gold Prize of Young Volunteers in China”, a national-lelve prize.
HHIT has been regarding discipline construction as its primary task and always keeps creating new situations continuously for its scientific research and social work as well. Its 3 disciplines -- Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Applied Chemistry and Marine Biology -- are listed as the provincial key acdemic deciplines, and its Marine Biology Laboratory is on the list of provincial key laboratory. As one of the four scientific fundamental facilities platforms funded by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Research Institute of Marine Resource Development of Jiangsu Province has settled in HHIT. During the recent 5 years, HHIT has totally won nearly 200 provincial and ministry-level research projects, and 100 scientific projects have passed the expert appraisal. In 2007, HHIT won 2 research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. The research fund has reached to 30 million RMB. In the recent 5 years, teachers in HHIT have contributed more than 4,000 scholarly essays, more than 300 of which have been excerpted by the three worldwide famous periodical index systems: Science Citation Index (SCI)、Engineering Index (EI) and Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP). Besides, many of the research achievements have won following prizes and awards at different levels: the 2nd Prize of Sci-Tech Progress Award by the Ministry of Education, the 2nd Prize for Progress of Science and Technology by the State Oceanic Administration, the 2nd Prize of Sci-Tech Progress Award by Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography, the 2nd and 3rd Prizes of Provincial Sci-Tech Advancement Award by Jiangsu Provincial Government.
The institute also attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation and has conducted joint programs with more than 20 institutes and institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, and some other countries and areas. Every year teachers in HHIT get chances to go abroad for further study or international academic interaction. In addition, many foreign experts from U.S.A., U.k. and Japan are invited to visit and teach in HHIT every year.
2. Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT) Review
"The teaching facilities of this university are complete and advanced." -Nell
3. Huaihai Institute of Technology (HHIT)​ Teaching quality
-940 full time teachers including 716 with master's degree or above.

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