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Detailed Information About Heilongjiang University

Heilongjiang University
City: Harbin
Level: Ordinary
Type: Comprehensive
Location: Urban
Attribute: Public
Introduction of Heilongjiang University

Heilongjiang University is located in Harbin, a famous city with beautiful scenery in northeast China. Harbin is also known as the "Moscow of the East" and the "Paris of the orient". Its landscape is very beautiful and its architecture has special features. It is cool in summer, and skiing and skating are available in winter. It is especially famous worldwide for the beautiful and wonderful art of ice lanterns. Therefore, Harbin deserves the title of "International Metropolis". Harbin belongs to the standard Chinese Pronunciation Zone. It is the most place to learn Mandarin Chinese.
Heilongjiang University is a key comprehensive university with multidiscipline including liberal arts, sciences, foreign languages, engineering, management etc. The university covers an area of 1,920,000 square meters. The total building area is nearly 1,000,000 square meters. The total enrollment of full time students comes to over 30,000 and that of doctoral and master candidates 1000 and that of international students 600. There are altogether 10 branches of diciplines, i.e., philosophy, economics, law, education, liberal art, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management covering 71 specialties. The university has the right to confer bachelor, master and doctor degree.

Since 1981 Heilongjiang University has recruited and trained over 6,000 international students who came from Japan, South Korea, Russia, America, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. Heilongjiang University is the base of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Heilongjiang Province. Heilongjiang university is the appointed institution of HSK and the university is the institution admitting international students under Chinese government scholarship program.
The International Institute of Education and Culture is one of colleges of Heilongjiang University. Its main task is to promote international exchanges of culture and education, and to recruit and train international students. The teachers qualified are powerful, the quality of teaching is excellent, the administrative system is advanced and the living facilities are consummate. As for comprehensive condition, the institute is nationally renowned among top institutes enrolling international students. The institute has opened two programs just for international students: one is Chinese, the other is International Economy and Trade. The education system of Chinese program is four years and that of International Economy and Trade is five years. The two programs can accept international students who have no basis of Chinese and the students who have the experience of studying Chinese over one year or have the score of HSK level six can apply to enter grade two or grade three through entering examination.A credit system is adopted for international students to get the degree. Scholarships are available to international students who study at Heilongjiang University more than one year.

The institute provides some facilities only used by international students, for example, classrooms, audio-visual classrooms, computer rooms, reference rooms, kitchen rooms, a dining hall, a gymnasium and dormitories. Each dormitory is equipped with a bathroom, a refrigerator, a telephone, a high-speed internet line, a television etc. The students can receive telecasts from South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries beside Chinese programs.

In spare time, the institute schedules to surrounding areas of interest and also recreational activities that not only build up students’ health, but also complement their studies and promote friendships.

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