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Detailed Information About Hangzhou Dianzi University

Introduction of Hangzhou Dianzi University

    Located in the historical city of Hangzhou, China, Hangzhou Dianzi University is an institution of higher learning that offers multiple disciplines of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and education. While highlighting electronics and information science, the university is also fairly strong in the discipline of business management. The predecessor of the university is Hangzhou Aviation Finance and Economics School, founded in 1956. In 1980, Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering was set up, which was later renamed Hangzhou Dianzi in 2004. The university was at first affiliated with the No. 4 Ministry of Mechanical Industry, then with the Ministry of Electronic Industry and still later with the Ministry of Information Industry. Since 2000, the university has been under Ministerial and Provincial leadership with the Provincial Government playing the main management role. Now, the university is a teaching and research oriented university of Zhejiang for priority development. The university’s three campuses, Xiasha Campus, Wenyi Campus and Dongyue Campus, occupy a combined land area of 2,000 mu with a building area of 670,000 square meters. The university has a current enrollment of more than 15,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates and a staff of 1,300. It boasts the teaching and research equipment valued over 100 million yuan, and book collection of 1 million volumes. The good teaching and research facilities prepare the university for continued improvement in education standard.
    Since founding, the university has come to form a multi-tier and multi-form talent fostering system, incorporating undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, adult education programs and higher vocational education programs. The university is also entitled to enroll overseas students and students from HK , Macao and Taiwan.
    The university takes the lead among its peers in terms of teaching and research facility. The Xiasha campus, covering an area of 1700 mu, boasts the first class facilities, including 40 research institutions, all distinct and well-staffed, specializing in Microelectronics CAD, Microelectronics CAE, Intelligence Robot and so on; 8 provincial key laboratories under Ministerial management, including LSI Design, System IC Design, E-commerce and Corporate Informalization, E-commerce and Accounting Computerization, Special Processing, Computer Application Technology, Signal and Information Processing, Electronic Materials and Components; 2 provincial demo laboratories for core curriculum of Electrotechnical & Electronic Fundamentals and Computer Fundamentals.
    The university attaches great importance to its academic work and research. It has an outstanding research faculty comprising leading experts with outstanding achievements and profound knowledge, and young and middle-aged professors and doctorate holders. The university has completed a host of high-tech research projects and Province or Ministry sponsored research projects,many of which were awarded the national first and second prize for scientific and technology progress, the National Invention Prize, and the National Pedagogical Achievement Prize. Furthermore, the university has maintained a long-term research relationship with hundreds of enterprises and companies, with overall performance in research undertaking rated among the top of its domestic peers and all provincial institutions. The university serves as an important base in Zhejiang for producing professionals, for carrying out scientific research and for industrializing research results. It has contributed to the social and economic development, which has in turn benefited and promoted its educational and academic development.
    Over the years, the university has adhered to the right education orientations. It resorts to reform and looks to future development through coordinated improvement in scale, structure, quality and effectiveness. It devotes itself to fostering cross-disciplinary talents good with innovative spirit and practical skills. As a result, it is widely recognized for its good education standard. Students from the university have kept receiving honors in national and provincial general examinations as well as the national mathematical modeling contest and electronic design contest, testifying to their good master of basic knowledge and skills, creativity and overall quality. Graduates from the university are highly acclaimed and well received by employers and society. Also, the university is among the top few universities in Zhejiang in terms of successful employment rate and postgraduate program admission rate of graduates.
    At present, the university is at its prime time of development. The staff and students, with concerted effort, shall carry forward the tradition of working hard in an effort to create a distinct and domestically noted university that combines teaching and research undertakings.


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