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Introduction of Hangzhou Dianzi University

Founded in 1956, HDU is a young institute of higher learning on the southeast coast of China. It thrives with the Chinese Information industry, and has become a multi-disciplinary research-teaching university and a provincial hub for sci-tech research and development nowadays. 

In the past 6 decades, HDU has educated over 100,000 engineers and business managers, and it is alma mater to 1/3 of the leaders of top 100 Chinese IT enterprises. Jack Ma and his world renowned Alibaba Group took off here, too. No wonder, therefore, HDU is widely acclaimed as a national “Cradle of IT entrepreneurs and excellent accountants”.

HDU serves the community with not only quality professionals but also cutting edge researches. Following the motto of “Diligence, Practice, Integrity and Innovation”(笃学力行,守正求新), we contributed heavily to many national projects as well as private studies. We are the winner of 4 National Science and Technology Progress Awards and 2 National Invention Awards, and receive more than¥200 millions research funds each year. 

Home to plenty of ministerial and provincial teaching and innovation centers, key laboratories and international joint platforms, HDU also prides itself on its remarkable pool of talents. Lead by 3 Members of China Academy of Science, 4 National Distinguished Experts, 4 National Outstanding Youth Fund Scholars, and many more upcoming talents, our faculty stands among the best and brightest of the province.

As one of the top 5 universities of Zhejiang, HDU is also a global player. It boasts a National Overseas Intellectual Introduction Base, and has over 70 partners around the world. It has established 1 China-foreign Joint Institute, 3 China-foreign Cooperative Educational Programs at home and 6 joint schools overseas.

Currently, 38.3% of HDU's faculty and 11.6% of students have studied abroad. Moreover, HDU hosts a series of international conferences and around 200 visiting scholars each year. Over 1000 of international students come to HDU to pursue their studies in 2019, and over 160 foreign teachers and experts are here to teach or research each year.

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