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Detailed Information About Hainan Tropical Ocean University

Introduction of Hainan Tropical Ocean University

Hainan Tropical Ocean University (HTOU) is the only state owned  university of the south-most coastal city of Sanya. It is honorably approved as one of the  ten "Educational Aid Center of the Ministry of Education of China". It serves as a cradle of talents cultivation for  Hainan iland and functions as a center for knowledge innovation, social service and culture inheritance in South China.

HTOU covers a total area of 300 acre  with two campuses respectively located in Sanya (the main campus)--a tropical seaside resort known for its white sandy beaches and ocean views and Wuzhishan--the mountainous heartland of Hainan Island. The library has a collection of 1.277 million volumes of paper books and 342800 categories of e-books.

HTOU has 9 experiment centers and 13 schools offering degrees and diplomas for MTA (Master Of Tourism Administration), 39 undergraduate programs and 12 three-year education programs. Its educational disciplines have expanded into 9 fields which are Literature, Sciences, Engineering, Management, Law, History, Agriculture and Education and Arts. 

Currently, HTOU has about 1000 faculty members including 605 full-time teachers. 214 teachers are of high academic qualifications and 373 teachers are of masters’ degree or above. Some are enjoying state-council-level special allowances and allowances for excellent provincial experts.  

HTOU now has 16,000 full-time students . HTOU boasts a group of different bases which are engaged in supporting the development of different disciplines, serving to the needs of scientific research and talents cultivation, promoting the coinheritance and innovation of Hainan ethnic culture and boosting the development of local economy and society. HTOU attaches great attention to giving play to scientific and technological supports, cultural influence and intelligence service and contribute to the development of the local economy and society. As an international island for tourism, Sanya brought special geographical advantages and opportunities to the university. HTOU fully applied this “endowment” and  implemented internationalized development strategy of “Running School Openly and Steadily”,carried out international education and cultural cooperations and exchanges and established partnerships with universities of over 30 countries and regions like Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, America, Russia, Austria, Canada, Ukraine, Australia,etc. and achieved multilevel and multi-field cooperation.

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