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Detailed Information About GuangXi University for Nationalities

Introduction of GuangXi University for Nationalities

1.GuangXi University for Nationalities (GUFN) Introduction
Guangxi University for Nationalities was founded in 1952,( formerly Guangxi Nationalities Institute); On February, 2006, the institute was approved by Chinese Ministry of Educationto rename as “Guangxi University for Nationalities”. In 2005, State Ethnic Affairs Commission and The People Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region signed an agreement to work together for a better Guangxi University for Nationalities. As a comprehensive university, our university has a large instructional scale, various kinds of discipline categories, high pedagogical quality and great influence; it is one of the two key construction universities in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period.
Guangxi University for Nationalities located in the beautiful western suburbs of Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on Lake Xiangsi. It has an area of 132 hectare, divided into east and west campus. University includes 19 schools, 58undergraduate majors, 2 primary discipline master programs, 42 sub-fields within the academic discipline master programs and 4 professional master degree programs. All of these covered Philosophy, History, Jurisprudence, Pedagogy, Literature, Management Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Economics, total 9 disciplines. Enrolled students numbered 18,000,education object contains graduate student, undergraduate student, junior college student, preparatory student, foreign student and continuing education student.
Our university has 26 professional laboratories, 25 language laboratories;Nearly 1,400,000 volumes and 11,006 kinds of magazines are in the library. In addition, around the subject construction, webuild “Professional Virtual Digital Library”, “Navigation System”, Princess Sirindhorn Thai Information Center, ASEAN Documentation and Information Centre, the Reference Room for Historiography, Ethnology and Anthropology, etc. In 2010, the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council ratified Guangxi University for Nationalities as the newly added doctorateproject approval construction unit during 2008 to 2015, three doctoral subjects: Ethnology, Asian-African Language and Literature, Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature are building.
Guangxi University for Nationalities has 1184 enrolled faculty members, These include 717 full-time teachers, 130 professors and 210 associate professors. The excellent teaching group provides an effective guarantee for the high quality of education, moreover forms the strong research capability. In the recent five years, our university undertakes 716 items of research projects, thereinto 66 state level topics. At the same time, it builds 16 regional essence courses, 2 national essence course, and 4 professional characteristics construction units under Ministry of Education. It undertakes 70 education reform projects above the provincial levels. In recent years, our students achieved excellent resultsin the various national social, technological, cultural, artistic, sporting events.
After 60 years development,Guangxi University for Nationalities forms the national, regional and international characteristic. It trains a large number of talents for modernization of Guangxi and China-ASEAN exchanges and cooperation.
2.GuangXi University for Nationalities (GUFN) Review
"This university has exclusive classrooms, language labs and apartments for international students.I'm leading a happy life here." -Howard
3. GuangXi University for Nationalities (GUFN) Teaching quality
-185 teachers with doctor’s degree.
-296 teachers with master’s degree.
-103 teachers with Overseas Education Background.

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