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Detailed Information About East China Jiaotong University

Introduction of East China Jiaotong University

Founded in 1971 and located in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province,China, a city which has a long history of culture. ECJTU is an educational and research institute that provides a wide range of teaching and research opportunities, with particular emphasis on Engineering and Technology. We currently offer courses in eight academic disciplines: Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Literature, Law, Education and Art. At present, we have more than 23,500 registered students ,1930 staff and faculty members, including more than 500 professors and associate professors. ECJTU is composed of 18 schools, offering 3 doctoral programs of the first-rank disciplines, 16 master's programs of the first-rank disciplines, and over 60 undergraduate programs.

ECJTU takes an active part in international exchange and cooperation. We have been authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Education to recruit international students from all over the world and have established comprehensive and multi-level ventures with more than forty overseas universities.

Join us, our university will provide you with a truly unique opportunity to enhance your Chinese language proficiency or work with some influential academics in your chosen field. You can develop your specialist skills, deepen your understanding and gain new insight and perspectives to equip you for your career ahead.
Welcome to East China Jiaotong University to accomplish your dream of study!


Beautiful Campus—ECJTU is located in a historic city crowned “the City of Heroes”. You feel its beautiful scenery as you step into our campus; it is truly a fairyland with fresh air, pretty lakes, green hills, exquisite buildings and kind of first-class sport fields.

Safe Environment—People here are honest, generous and friendly. Studying here is safe because of stable society. As the capital of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang is the center of politics, economy and culture, which helps international students know China well.

Low Expenses—Besides reasonable tuition, expenses here are lower than those of many other cities in China.

Convenient Transportation—The bus station is located near the university gates. Moreover it takes 5 minutes walk to the subway station and 20 minutes drive to Nanchang International Airport.

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