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Detailed Information About Chongqing University of Technology

Introduction of Chongqing University of Technology

    Founded in 1940 as part of the provisional capital of China, CQUT has over seven decades of experience in higher education. During this time, CQUT has emerged as a regional leader in scientific research, training facilities, academic rigor, and attracting high-quality faculty and students.
    CQUT is situated in Ba’nan--just a quick bus ride from the heart of the city--on a beautiful 150-hectare campus. The university has a fixed assets of 2.1 billion RMB, with its facilities valued at 182 million RMB. The nine-story library, overlooking the waterfall and lake, boasts a collection of 2.3 million volumes. CQUT also contains many well-equipped workshops, laboratories, factories and training centers, and works with a total of 170 facilities both on-site and off-site.
    Student life is diverse, as CQUT is home to students from every region, province and municipality in China, from Beijing to Tibet. Today, there are 24,000 full-time students (including 1,008 graduate students) studying across 55 undergraduate programs and 39 graduate programs in 17 schools and 56 research institutions. Each year, students compete throughout China in contests for mathematical modeling, electronic design, and technology, and have won over 300 titles. The Chinese Ministry of Education has ranked CQUT as one of the “Top 50 Universities in Promoting Students’ Employment.”
    CQUT remains focused on engineering and technology, but also holds robust programs in language, business and computer science. A faculty of 1,701 teachers work in the university across all disciplines--nearly 75% of the school’s full-time teachers have either a Master’s or PhD. Faculty have produced over 4,100 research papers, many of them in top journals, and received numerous awards for teaching excellence.
   The university shares a close relationship with the city of Chongqing, particularly its engineering and automotive industries. CQUT has undertaken over 500 research projects with municipal partners, which bring in about 50 million RMB for the school each year. For its efforts, the university has been awarded several national and hundreds of regional prizes, and remains one of the top 100 Chinese universities for patents.
   With its commitment to academic excellence, core competitiveness and overall contribution to society, CQUT has been confirmed as a leader in Chinese education. Li Lanqing, member of the CPC standing committee and vice premier of the State Council, has said “CQUT has made use of its strengths to secure its characteristics and performance” while Huang Qifan, mayor of Chongqing, has said “CQUT has enjoyed the fastest development, undergone the swiftest change, and become the most eye-catching university of Chongqing.”


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