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Detailed Information About Chongqing University of Science and Technology

Introduction of Chongqing University of Science and Technology

    Chongqing University of Science and Technology is a new-established and full-time undergraduate university, authorized by Chinese Ministry of Education in May of 2004. The university is an amalgamation of ChongqingPolytechnicCollege and ChongqingPetrolCollege. Both colleges have sustained a high reputation in society for the last 54 years. This multi-science undergraduate university is primarily an engineering-oriented university, specializing in petrol and metallurgy industries. It also offers other studies such as science, engineering, economics, management and arts. Chongqing University of Science and Technology is a distinct and dynamic institution of higher learning.
    This university covers an area of nearly 1,634,150 square meters, with a total floor space of 300,000 square meters. The entire teaching and research equipment is worth 58.6 million RMB. The new campus located in College City of Chongqing, with nearly 1,000,500 square meters, is currently under construction, and it is estimated that the students will move there in 2006. This new campus will be the main campus of Chongqing University of Science and Technology when the construction is completed in 2007.The south and north campuses of this university, with 400,200 square meters, are respectively situated in Yangjiaping and Daping, two downtown districts of Chongqing. The beautiful campuses with convenient transportation have obtained the titles of “Civilized Unit” and “Garden Unit” of Chongqing. Overall, the university is a fantastic place for study, work and research.
    Currently, the university employs 1,200 staff. There are 650 teachers, among which 250 are professors or associate professors. 230 of them have Master or Doctorate Degrees, while 150 teachers are completing their Master or Doctorate Degrees. Meanwhile, there are 9 experts enjoying State Special Subsidy, and 38 teachers have been given the title of Academic Foregoer or Young Core Teacher. The university has almost 13,200 students coming from 31 different provinces or municipal cities across the country. In recent years, the university has kept the graduate employment rate above 85%.
The university offers 14 second-class colleges and departments, such as College of Metallurgy & Material Engineering, College of Petrol Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Electronic & Information Engineering, College of Architectural Engineering, College of Biology & Chemistry Engineering, College of Management, College of Adult Education, Department of Humanities & Social Science, Department of Economy, Department of Mathematics & Physics, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Art and Department of Physical Education. At the same time, it houses nearly 70 specialties, such as petrol engineering, metallurgy engineering, architectural engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, automatics, computer science and technology. It has built up advanced campus research and training bases, such as “The Applied Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research & Training Center,” “The Applied Petrol-Engineering Technology Research & Training Center,” “The Metallurgical Material Technology Research & Training Center.” The University also owns 1 nation-wide Demonstration Course as well as 2 province-wide Demonstration Courses, 2 Excellent Courses and 6 Key Courses. The library of the university, including a digital library, houses a book collection of 650,000 volumes with a total floor space of 10,000 square meters.
    The university has always been very eager to cooperate with both national and foreign universities to develop a common, full-time undergraduate education, modern distance education and further adult education. It has built a cooperative relationship with ChongqingUniversity, BeijingUniversity of Science & Technology, Yanshan University, Southwest Petrol University, Chongqing Institute of Technology, and LogisticalEngineeringUniversity, PLA. At the same time, the university has friendly international exchanges with foreign universities and organizations such as, Keuka University (U.S.A.), IADC (U.S.A.), HollandCollege (Canada), FanshaweUniversity (Canada), SiberiaPublicIndustryCollege (Russia), RitsumeikanUniversity (Japan).
Now, ChongqingUniversity of Science & Technology is in a very important period of development. We do warmly welcome qualified scientists and technicians both at home and abroad to join us. The future of the university is bound to be more brilliant and glorious!


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