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Detailed Information About China University of Political Science and Law

Introduction of China University of Political Science and Law

China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) is a multi-disciplinary national “211 Project” key university, characterized by centering on law, accompanied with a variety of other disciplines such as literature, historiography, philosophy, economics, management and education. During the last half century of development, the University has educated and trained more than 200,000 students, and taken part in virtually all national legislation activities since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It took the lead in China’s jurisprudence theoretical innovation and conceptual updating, and conducted international academic exchanges in the field of law on behalf of the nation.

At present, the University offers 17 undergraduate programs including law, reconnoiter, politics & administration, administration, international politics, public affairs administration, business administration, economics, international business, philosophy, Chinese language & literature, ideological education, sociology, applied psychology, English, German, journalism. In addition, there are 47 master's degree programs, 19 doctoral degree programs and 2 post-doctoral research stations. Among them three PhD programs are national disciplines at the first class level, namely the law, politics & administration and Marxist Theory among which the law is a national key discipline at the first class level. 10 master programs are disciplines at the first class level, namly philosophy, theoretical economics, applied economics, sociology, psychology, foreign languages and lterature, journalism, history, business administrationm and politics & administration.

The University has established international cooperation agreements with 119 world-famous universities in 33 countries and regions. Hundreds of teachers and students are sent abroad each year for academic purposes. In 2008, the China-EU School of Law (CESL) was established, which is the most comprehensive joint program in legal Education between the Chinese Government and the EU. With the development of the CESL, an elite program of cultivating internationally-oriented legal talents has taken shape in the school. 

International students' education scale expands from Mandarin study, summer camp for Chinese training, pre-degree education in China, medium/long-term Chinese and law study to the education for undergraduate, dual-degree bachelor, master and doctor. The university has long been engaged in global promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture education to provide superior teaching resources and services, especially the Chinese law culture, for Chinese language learners.

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