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Detailed Information About China Jiliang University

Introduction of China Jiliang University

China Jiliang University (CJLU) is the only university dedicated to quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in the world, and a key university in Zhejiang Province with a distinct focus on those features. CJLU, the sole university named after Metrology (Jiliang) in the world, is the first choice for any country seeking to exchange talents and cooperation in this field.

Our university sticks to the motto of "To Care about National Economy and to be Concerned with People's Livelihood" and the educational philosophy of"Metrology is the University's Cornerstone, Standards are its Code of Conduct, and Quality is its Career Goal"). We aim to foster exceptional talents in response to the needs of our national quality and inspection industry. According to the Scientific Evaluation of China Research Center, our university ranked No. 181 in China University General Competitiveness Ranking of 2015 and No. 90 in China University Science and Technology Innovation Competitiveness Rankings.

We enroll students from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The quality of our enrollment improves steadily and the employment rate of graduates is always among the best in Zhejiang Province.

Undergraduate Education

The university aims at cultivating high-quality talents to meet the requirements of vitalization of national quality industry while continuously deepening educational reform so as to promote the excellence of educational quality. In addition, the university has formed its unique feature of fostering high quality talents with firm quality notions, a distinct sense of standards and a strong ability in metrology. This is accomplished by insisting on educational innovation by means of laying emphasis on students’ individual development, carrying out pilot classes and implementing various educational methods, including: accumulated-credits system, a flexible educational system, a major and minor system, as well as, a dual degree system. Over the past two consecutive terms, the university has won 12 national and provincial awards, and has possessed 1 national teaching team, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national innovative experimental center on talent cultivation mode, 3 national programs on elaborate courses, 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course, 4 national feature specialties, 5 Zhejiang teaching teams, 10 Zhejiang experimental teaching demonstration center, 12 Zhejiang Key specialties as well as 23 Zhejiang elaborate courses.

Graduate Education

The graduate education of CJLU aims at cultivating senior professionals in the fields of national inspection and local economic and social development. The school characteristics focus on metrology, standard, quality, inspection and quarantine through insisting in improving training quality as the core, regarding the construction of the tutor team as the key, attaching importance to cross disciplines and the combination of enterprise, school and scientific research, emphasizing the guidance of graduate students through cooperation of tutor teams so as to strengthen graduate student’s innovative and practical abilities.

The university has 1 Zhejiang Demonstration Base for Graduate Education, 4 Zhejiang Scientific Programs for Graduate Innovation. There are 1, 2 and 3 graduate students who won the special-class, first-class and second-class scholarships of China Instrument and Control Society, respectively. In recent two years, 4 graduation theses were selected as excellent papers among Zhejiang master degree papers; meanwhile, master degree papers were listed the top rank in sampling inspection among universities and colleges in Zhejiang Province.

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