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Introduction of Changchun University of Technology

Chang-Chun (Changchun) University of Technology (CCUT), founded in 1952, is a key university of Jilin Province. It is a comprehensive university offering undergraduate and advanced degrees in arts and sciences, science, law, business management, economics, and education. The university's curriculum is specially designed with an emphasis on the technological aspects of these fields of study. CCUT is located in the heart of the city of Changchun. The main campus, which boasts a peaceful and quiet environment replete with beautiful trees and gardens, is just a stone's throw away from the picturesque South Lake Park of Changchun.

CCUT has a total enrollment of 16,000 full-time students, including postgraduates, four-year undergraduates, and three-year vocational students. Currently, there are 1, 800 staff members, including 880 faculty members. Among the faculty are 473 professors and associate professors, 7 Doctoral candidate instructors and advisers (tutors), and 230 Masterate candidate tutors. There are 17 schools. In addition, there is an Engineering Training Center, as well as three Teaching and Research Sections: Physical Education Teaching and Research Section, Marxist Theory and Ideological Ethics Teaching and Research Section, and a Military Training Section. There are forty undergraduate specialties, twenty-one of which are authorized to grant Master Degrees; five are authorized to grant Engineering Masters Degrees.

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