Detailed Information About Beijing Hospitality Institute

Beijing Hospitality Institute
City: Beijing
Level: Ordinary
Type: Normal
Location: Urban
Attribute: Private
Introduction of Beijing Hospitality Institute

1. Beginning    
1) Presently with a population of nearly 4000 students, Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI) was established in May 2008 after 

being approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), China. BHI joined the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) certified 

schools network in 2009 and became the only educational institution with the Academic Certification of EHL in China. BHI 

focuses on the hospitality education, offering only one Hospitality Management Program.    

Adopting an “Internationalized and application-oriented” education philosophy of “Learning for Application”. BHI strives to 

be a university with honesty, integrity, discipline and equality that can achieve recognition of the industry and be the 

admiration of the students and teachers.

2) Message from the Chairman of the Board:

"My hope is that BHI becomes an application-oriented university with honesty, integrity, discipline and equality as its core 

values. Achieving recognition from the industry while providing an environment that is adored by teachers, students and 

parents alike, and thus being a cradle for the  senior hotel management talent of China and globally. "
Dr. LI Bo Tan Chairman of the Board

3) Message from the President:

"After years of study and practice, our students graduate with all the skills necessary for a good start in their hospitality 

careers. Our talent development model is widely recognised by the hospitality industry as well as state leaders, education 

administration departments, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and parents. We firmly believe our system is the route to 

success for every application-oriented university."

Dr. GAO Song Tao President of BHI Associate Chairman of China Tourist Hotels Association

2. Partnership

BHI adopts the talent development model of the world-renowned Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) which extends 

support in terms of campus building, curriculum design, management and faculty training, academic audit, student 

internship and career opportunity. Being academically certified by EHL ensures access to global educational, internship 

and employment resources. In accordance with EHL, BHI’s program is established with an interscholastic Credit Transfer 

System. BHI students can apply to exchange to EHL through transfer, semester abroad and special short program. EHL 

regularly sends professors to BHI to conduct faculty training, academic audit, and lectures to students. As QLF certification 

is a pre-requisite for all teachers in BHI, EHL sends consultants to deliver the Qualified Learning Facilitator (QLF) training.  

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is one of the most famous hotel schools in the world. Rooted in the Swiss sense of 

hospitality, EHL has, since 1893, been a pioneer in education that has inspired the world of hospitality for over 120 years. 

Ranked at the very top in terms of higher education hospitality management institutions, the reasons for its success are its 

unique study programs, an unparalleled educational model and world-class applied research.


“I visit BHI every year, and every time I am very excited to see the improvements BHI has accomplished in every aspects of 

educating the future leaders in hospitality, such as programme quality, campus development, faculty and students’ 

commitment and hospitality mindset. EHL is proud to have BHI as a member of the certified-school family.”
Prof. Michel Rochat
General Director, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne


“We are extremely proud of our partnership with Beijing Hospitality Institute. Over the years, a number of BHI students have 

benefitted from the Study Abroad programme in which they would come to Dubai and undertake a period of academic 

studies coupled with a period of internship. A number of these students have since found full time employment in Dubai 

which is a fantastic outcome. With the expansion of Jumeirah hotels in Asia and particularly China, there will be many 

opportunities for BHI students to find employment back in China as well - we are excited to see what the future holds for 

these students!”
Ron Hilvert Managing Director   The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management 

3. Our Growth 

2006 Aug Foundation Ceremony
2008 Jul Induction to Global Academic Certification System of EHL
2008 Oct School Opening Ceremony of First BHI Intake
2009 May First Academic Audit by EHL
2010 Jan Inaugural Faculty Conference
2010 Aug Established Advisory Committee to Provide Consultation for Campus Management
2011 Oct Inaugural Young Hoteliers Summit Asia (YHS Asia) Organized by BHI Students
2011 Nov BHI Hosted the 2nd Global Biennial Conference of EHL-certified Schools
2012 May Certified to Issue the National Bachelor Degree 
2012 Jun Graduation Ceremony of First BHI Intake
2012 Jun Founding of BHI Alumni
2012 Jul Students Awarded Team Gold Medal in the 2nd National Etiquette Contest of College Students
2013 May Awarded 1st Place of Northern China for Teaching and Research Efficiency
2013 Dec Obtained Approval to Accept International Students
2014 Jan Scholarship of The Peninsula Beijing Established
2014 May Established BHI Hospitality Industry Research Center

4. Our Faculty

Internationalization, Specialization 

50% of faculty possess overseas study and work experience

100% of faculty possess hotel senior management experience All faculty possess Qualified Learning Facilitator Certificate 

awarded by EHL

5. Programs

Hospitality Management Program

4-year Education with Bachelor Degree in Management and EHL Academic Certification

The tourism industry is a strategic pillar of China’s national economy. According to the statistics published in September 

2014, there are currently a total of 11,687 Star-Hotels in China, amongst which 2,361 are four-star hotels and 739 are five

-star ones. Room availability reaches 1.53 million and the original value of fixed assets is 501.7 billion yuan with a total 

income of more than 229.2 billion yuan. The hotel industry has become one of the most important areas of China’s tourism 

industry and even service industry as a whole. It’s also one of the most open industries in China. In order to meet the 

growing demands for hotel senior management talent in China, and to enhance the competitiveness of BHI graduates 

globally, BHI has adapted EHL’s teaching model to create the "China-EHL model".

1) Objective & Employability Direction 

The program develops the application competency and professionalism of students, preparing them with an international 

outlook to be qualified managerial talent in the hospitality industry. Graduates are capable of starting their career in 

numerous tourism fields such as the hotel, catering, aviation, clubs, cruises, convention and exhibition management, or 

engaged in other service industries (such as finance, healthcare, retail, transportation etc.) .  

Accommodation Management, Food & Beverage Service Theory, Food & Beverage Service Application, Principles of 

Food Production, Food Production, Beverage Knowledge, Event & MICE Management, Security & Risk Management, 

Engineering & Facility Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance Management, Revenue 

Management, Strategic Management, Communication Application, Allergy & Nutrition, Institutions & Public Catering 

Services, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.       

2) Unique Professionalism

The infrastructure of BHI from faculty to design is based on the hospitality industry. Our training hotel features both Chinese 

and Western restaurants, guest rooms, banquet hall, three state-of-the-art demo kitchens and bars, all of which meet the 

highest industry standards. Apart from attending classes, students are also involved in hotel operations. The faculty not 

only delivers courses but also helps manage the hotel. Based on hospitality industry, the curriculum, from elementary to 

advanced level, includes service skills, management and hospitality culture. 

The 4-year courses reflect hospitality hierarchical structure, providing students with basic managerial skills, which are then 

applied, enhanced, and finally integrated through authentic professional experience. Two operational and managerial 

internships are undertaken during the third and sixth semesters respectively to allow students to apply their learning in a 

professional context. All graduates of BHI will get a graduation certificate, Bachelor Degree in Management and an 

Academic Certificate co-signed by EHL & BHI, which is globally recognized.

6. Internship

Students undergo internships in the third and the sixth semesters during which they consolidate theoretical knowledge and 

master hands-on and communication  skills, with an in-depth understanding of the industry, broadening their horizons, and 

enhancing their analytical and problem-solving ability. Presently, BHI has links with 150 major internationally renowned 

hotel groups.

7. Overseas Programs

1) International Cooperation

BHI provides students with a varied choice of international cooperation and learning opportunities, increasing the 

possibility of overseas employment. Presently, overseas institutions from Switzerland, UAE, USA, New Zealand and 

Singapore are in cooperation with BHI.

2) International Students Recruitment

BHI has been qualified to accept international students. We provide overseas student exchange programs including 3-6 

months short-term training programs, 1-year exchange student program and 4-year Bachelor program. 

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland  

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, UAE  

Northern Arizona University, USA 

San Diego State University, USA  

Pacific International Hotel Management School, New Zealand  

Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore  

Edith Cowan University, Australia  

8. Practical Training

Situational-Modular Classes Professional hotel-standard teaching facilities are provided, such as professional wine and 

tea appreciation lab, and a four-star training hotel which includes 38 guest rooms, 3 demo kitchens, a 800-capacity 

banquet room, Chinese and Western restaurants, and a western style bar.


9. Campus

1) Educating People, Transferring Knowledge

“Cultivating Education”, managing a school as a hotel Hotel conduct standard as school code for all teachers and students 

Inculcating the mind, habit and personality of a hotelier in all students

2) Student Self-Governance & Involvement in School Management     

Students are encouraged to manage themselves in daily tasks such as area cleaning, morning exercise, as well as 

organizing  major activities including setting up of the teacher-student disciplinary committee.

3) Core Values 

Respect, Professionalism, Responsibility

4) Zero-Tolerance Policies 

All members of BHI’s faculty follow a strict moral and professional code in accordance with our zero tolerance policies in 

order to maintain the highest possible standards.

5) Dandelion Project 

The project aims to develop talent of teachers and students, who must undergo training and actively disseminate positive 

energy, contributing to the campus culture.

10. Dormitory Culture

A star-rating system for dormitories has been established to encourage students to develop their independence, 

responsibility and self-discipline in every aspect of university life.

1) BHI Spokesperson 

An annual competition is held to select BHI Spokespersons who are responsible for disseminating the philosophy of BHI 

to the industry and society, as well as being a role model to influence others.

2) President’s Table Lunch 

To enhance communication between management, faculty and students, as well as recognizing outstanding performers, 

monthly Lunches with the President are being organized.

3) Teacher-Student Disciplinary Committee 

To protect the rights and benefits of teachers and students, the committee is set up to accept cases and appeals.

4) Staff Birthday Party

To reflect a people-oriented campus culture, monthly staff birthday parties are being held.

11. Campus life

A total of over 40 student associations with a 3000 -strong membership provide students with a platform for various  

activities, which helps to inspire and cultivate the students' interests, promote physical and mental health of students, and 

enrich campus culture.

12. A Word from Graduates

1) CAO Xing Yuan (Jiangsu) 2013 Graduate 

Revenue Analyst of Hilton Worldwide-Revenue Management Consolidated Center (Asia Pacific) Pioneer EHL Transfer 


"Prior to my transfer, I went to EHL twice, once through the Induction Program and then through participating in the Young 

Hoteliers’ Summit Global. When I graduated from EHL, I chose finance as my career path. I would be most glad to share 

my EHL study experience with my fellow students. "

2) YANG Han Bin (Beijing) 2013 Graduate  

Assistant Guest Relations Manager of The Peninsula Paris, the first Chinese Management Trainee of the hotel group

"I would like to express my gratitude to BHI who provided me with external internship, building up my courage and fluency 

in English as well as offering systematic and operational management knowledge. All these experiences have prepared 

me for the invaluable employment opportunity with The Peninsula Beijing. "

3) LI Meng Ya (Anhui) 2014 Graduate

Awarded National Scholarship in 2012; Employed by Beijing Four Seasons Hotel as Management Trainee 

"The National Scholarship I received strengthened my dream to be an excellent hotelier. Being selected as Best Intern 

showed me my future was in hospitality, while participating in the YHS Asia helped me to understand teamwork and 

leadership. Every day at BHI is full of challenges. I like it here!"

13. A Word From Parents

1) "My child has changed a lot since studying at BHI. He takes greater care of his appearance and conducts himself in a 

more courteous manner. During the holidays, he often helped to do the housework, and sometimes cooked for us. When 

he did his internship in hotel, although he sometimes complained about the hard work, he persisted. Our relatives and 

friends have praised his growth and maturity. Thanks to BHI. "

2012 Intake Parent (Zhejiang) 
2) "BHI not only teaches students how to study but also how to be a person. As parents, we have the utmost confidence in 

BHI to look after the welfare of our children."

2009 Intake Parent (Liaoning)                                                                                                                                                               

3) "I chose BHI from hundreds of colleges in China. Assessing my child’s performance and progress, I’m sure we have 

made the right choice."

2014 Intake Parent (Jiangsu)

14. Employability

Graduates have been gainfully employed in various international 5-star hotels, luxury property management companies, 

renowned travel agencies, event management corporations and airlines. 65% of graduates are in hotel and travel related 

industries, 25% are employed in the civil service, banking, telecommunications, real estate, coal, ecological and 

pharmaceutical industries. 10% have moved on to study abroad or start their own businesses.  

Internship and Employment Partners

Accor Group 
Aman Resorts 
Beijing Tourism Group 
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts 
FRHI Hotels & Resorts  
Hilton Worldwide 
Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels, Limited 
Hyatt Hotels Corporation 
InterContinental Hotels Group 
Kempinski Hotel S.A. 
Marriott International, Inc. 
Rosewood Hotel Group 
Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts 
Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide 
Swire Pacific Hotels 
Tianlun International Hotel Group 
Atlantis Hotel 
Burj Al Arab Hotel 
Grand Emperor-Hotel 
Grand Hyatt Hotel Macau Hotel   
Jumeirah Beach Hotel   
Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central 
Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel 
Wynn Macau Hotel

15. Alumni

Voluntarily formed by alumni, the BHI Alumni is a recreational, academic and non-profit, non-governmental organization. 

The goal of the association is to provide alumni with a forum in order to maintain connections within the industry and 

continue their professional development. Presently, there are Alumni Branches in Switzerland, USA, Dubai, UK, Macao 

and other major domestic cities.

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