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Detailed Information About Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School

Introduction of Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School

International Business School (IBS) is one of the youngest and most dynamic schools at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) and also the largest in terms of student number.

Founded in 2001, IBS currently has more than 1500 students including undergraduates, postgraduates, international students, and overseas foundation programs students. IBS aims to provide future business elites from all over the world with the core of Chinese and world civilizations, pass on common values of all humanity, probe business knowledge both known and unknown, and help its students discover their own unique characters and values of life.

Adhering to the concepts of being high-end, rigorous, innovative and pragmatic, IBS is committed to be a first-class international business school to cultivate business elites with best foreign language and cross-cultural capabilities in China. IBS is dedicated to equipping students with international vision, strong abilities of applying knowledge and self-development. and developing into a training base of international business talents for both Chinese and transnational companies.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Beijing Municipal Government, and BFSU, IBS has achieved great success in teaching, research, and international cooperation. In 2002, IBS’s economics and management courses have been included by MOE in the nation-wide 211 Project, which aims to support a hundred most important universities in China. In 2007, IBS was approved as the experiment pilot for training international economics and management talents at the Quality Project carried out by MOE and Ministry of Finance (MOF). In the same year this pilot was awarded as a Demonstration Center in Beijing. In 2009, the teaching model reform of economics and management courses attained 1st prize of Teaching Achievements of Beijing. In 2012, the Demonstration Center was named by MOE the National Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center. The program in cooperation with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) was also approved as “Off-campus Talent Training Base in Beijing” in the same year. Besides, 5 professors have been selected into the New Century Excellent Talents Program of MOE.

IBS has a strong faculty of various majors in economics, management, business English, internet and information. The faculty has not only solid theoretical knowledge but also broad international vision and rich practical experience. 90% of the faculty has or is studying for a doctoral degree, 70% owns overseas degree or at least a half year study abroad or visiting experience. There are also over ten world famous scholars including working as visiting professors at IBS. Innovation and reform are encouraged in teaching contents and methods by virtue of absorbing advanced experience from European and American business schools. The same is true in research and business practice. The faculty has published widely in well-known domestic and international journals and carried out various national, provincial and enterprise-entrusted research projects each year. Many teachers are appointed as independent directors in listed companies and provide consulting services for famous companies in China.

At present, there are six undergraduate programs including international economics and trade (compound and bilingual-based experimental class ), finance, business management (including international business), accounting(including international financial management), e-business, information management and system, three postgraduate programs including majors of management science and engineering, diplomacy (field of international economics), and international organization program (field of international economics), four undergraduate programs for foreign students including international business, international finance, international marketing, and business management in China, one master degree program for foreign students named international economics and relations. Dual degree program is open to all BFSU Chinese undergraduates. Meanwhile, we also have foundation programs in economics, management and IT for students who want to study abroad. Many majors and courses are taught in English. IBS keeps good collaboration relations with the government, industry and financial institutions. We have signed cooperation agreements with universities from many countries such as the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea and India, acting aggressively in China’s economic globalization. We encourage and provide opportunities for students to exchange and study abroad so that they can learn to share experience in different counties and keep pace with world progress.


We strive to be recognized as an International Business School in China featured by multilingualism, cross-culture and multi-region, cultivating future business talents with global vision and social responsibility.


To be an international business school that bridges China to the rest of the world by providing a platform of learning for future business leaders and practitioners through shared understanding of global business practices, culture and language.


Innovation-We respect standards but never follow any rules blindly. We are exploring our ways ahead while embracing the collisions of different opinions and cultures. We encourage innovation, inspire creativity, insights and imagination.

Focus- We make focused efforts on the research of international commerce and management, and on personnel training.

Cooperation- We will broaden our cooperation with multinational corporations, financial institutions, government bodies and renowned foreign institutes. We will pursue a cooperation model of win-win results and mutual benefits to cultivate cross-cultural business elites who can steer international rules for China.

Openness - We will advocate equal and open education, focusing on students’ comprehensive qualities. We will promote exchanges and interaction between students and teachers, students and the society as well as among students, making sure that students with different personalities can receive enough respect and chances to enhance themselves.


In a word, IBS maintains the principle of driving China’s economic development and joining in economic and management innovation with international vision in teaching, research, and international cooperation. To achieve this, we aim to:

1. Provide faculty and students with high quality support and service;

2. Achieve internationalization at all levels including teaching language, contents, faculty source, research, student nationalities and managing models;

3. Provide global students with high quality courses; introduce world to Chinese students and China to foreign students;

4. Attract high level researchers and managers to ensure our overall academic research level;

5. Actively participate in social service, and establish an efficient and market-oriented operational mode;

6. Establish and develop good relations with transnational companies and Chinese enterprises to provide firm guarantee for faculty researches and students job opportunities;

7. Make sure of sufficient financial and hardware support, have the best teaching and research facilities in China;

8. Maintain and develop alumni relations, offer consecutive career management, training and related service to them.

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