The Changes
1. International students who are not in China will have classes online in 2022 for spring and autumn intake. And those who stayed in China will attend class on the campus.

2. The date when China will allow international students from most countries to enter China remains unknown, so far only South Korean students are allowed to apply for student visa and come to China.

3. More and more students are willing to apply for online Chinese courses.
1. More universities have closed the courses for international students due to the pandemic, especially the smaller universities.

2. More universities actively carry out Sino foreign cooperative school running projects or internal information construction.

3. Universities allows students who don't want to take online classes to cancel or postpone their admission.
1. Almost all programs will be taught online in the 2022 spring semester and for the 2022 autumn semester, the teaching forms remain unknown.

2. CUCAS Interview: International Students' Feedback About Online Class During COVID-19. You can watch our interview with both students and teachers from 7 different Chinese universities to learn the pros & cons of online courses. Watch Now>>

3. Chinese teachers are more skilled in teaching online than before after one year's experience, making online classes more fun and understandable. Learn More>>
1. Almost 80% of Chinese people have already got vaccinated, and China will host the Winter Olympic Games in 2022, but it is still uncertain when students can enter China.

2. It is rumored that foreigners may be allowed to enter China by the end of 2022, but this news is still undetermined. In addition, it is uncertain whether epidemic prevention measures, for example isolation, are required after students enter China. Learn More>>
1. “Study in China” Online Education Exhibition: 26 universities in China have joined the CUCAS Online Education Exhibition Platform, and we will hold almost 20 online exhibitions in 2022.

2. Chinese University Online Programs: Find the best online programs still available in Chinese universities.

3. CUCAS Messenger : CUCAS has released CUCAS Messenger to help students chat with counselors online easily, check the latest updated of your applications to Chinese universities and get real-time notificatoins about your application easily and conveniently.

4. CUCAS Tribe: International students can learn and share experience about studying in China through Q & As, articles and videos. What's more, international students can make money through it.

New Trends
1. Until now, there are 26 universities in China have joined the CUCAS Online Education Exhibition Platform, and more and more universities will join in.

2. WeChat, DingTalk and some other apps and being used more than before since more and more online interviews and live streams are being taken for about study in China.

3. CUCAS organize CUCAS Study in China 2022 Online Education Exhibition to help international students to learn more about study in China in 2022. Join Now >>
1. The number of international students applying for online Chinese courses has already increased. Learn More>>

2. Some universities offer full scholarships for online Chinese courses. Learn More>>

3. Chinese universities and organizations will continue prepare high-quality online courses even after the pandemic to cope with possible changes and risks in the future.
1. Since real cultural experience and face-to-face learning still play irreplaceable roles in international education for international students. So many students are waiting for the time when the pandemic is under control and a lot of them start applying for programs in China that start from 2022.

2. Until now, 80% of Chinese people have got vaccinated for COVID-19 and international students in Chinese universities can also get vaccinated, so it is much safer to study in China and it is the best choice to choose to study in China.

Best Programs for 2022
Online Programs

2022 Programs

Scholarship Programs

Self-sponsoring Programs

Online Chinese Classes

Why Study In China
Various English-taught Program

Safe and Convenient Society

Affordable Fee Structure

Estimate Cost Range Examples
Tuition Fee Non-degree About 12,000 ~ 17,000 RMB /year Hainan Tropical Ocean University
Degree (Medical) About 30,000 ~ 50,000 RMB /year Chongqing Medical University
Degree (Non-Medical) About 20,000 ~ 35,000 RMB /year Shanghai Ocean University
Accommodation Fee Beijing About 22,000 ~ 40,000 RMB /year Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College
Shanghai About 13,000 ~ 25,000 RMB /year School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
Hangzhou About 5,000 ~ 11,000 RMB /year Zhejiang University of Science and Technology
Guangzhou About 6,000 ~ 16,000 RMB /year Shenzhen University
Others Various Zhejiang University
Qingdao University
Beijing Institute of Economics and Management
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry
Living Expense Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou About 1,500 ~ 2,000 RMB /month Beijing Foreign Studies University-IBS
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Others About 1,000 ~ 1,500 RMB /month Changchun University of Technology

Interesting Lifes As International Students

COVID-19 Rumors About China
Rumors Facts
"The COVID-19 virus is engineered at a Chinese laboratory." Relevant investigations, including those initiated by the United States, have not reached the conclusion that the SARS-CoV-2 was artificially manufactured and leaked.
"The novel coronavirus is a Chinese virus because it came from Wuhan." The official name for the virus is SARS-CoV-2. Wuhan is where the COVID-19 case was first reported, but it is not necessary the place where the virus originates.
"As early as mid-November, China has known about the COVID-19 outbreak but withheld the information for 45 days." Chinese authorities first received a report of the pneumonia case of unknown cause on Dec 27 and released its first outbreak notice on Dec 31.
"China has withheld key information about the epidemic, which has led to a worldwide pandemic." China has notified the world as early as possible, and resorted to the strictest epidemic control measures, which gave at least six weeks for other countries to get prepared for the outbreak.
"China has whitewashed its COVID-19 confirmed and death cases." China has always been transparent on the numbers of confirmed and deceased cases, and has fulfilled its duty of notifying the public.
"China is helping other countries fight COVID-19 only to expand its geopolitical influence." China helps other countries out of a humanitarian spirit and gratitude. It also stems from the firm belief in the community with a shared future for mankind. Moreover, China has accumulated some experience in fighting the virus and they may prove useful for others.
"Medical supplies imported from China are fake and inferior products." China carries out strict quality tests on all medical products exported. Part of the problem stems from misuse or different quality standards.
"China used the novel coronavirus to cripple Western economies." The Chinese economy is closely connected to the world economy. Only when the world economy runs well can the Chinese economy thrive.
"Chinese people consume bat soup, causing the virus to jump from animals to humans." Bats are absolutely not consumed by the Chinese, and there is so far no concrete evidence confirming the novel coronavirus comes from bats.
"Africans are being discriminated against and forced into quarantine." China applied the same quarantine and control measures regardless of nationalities. The Chinese government attaches high importance to the health and safety of foreign nationals in China, and treats them equally and rejects any discriminatory measures in the coronavirus outbreak response.

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