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CUCAS Service Team

CUCAS staff members have “been there and done that”. With years of dedicated experience working with both students and professionals, we understand the level of service you require. All of CUCAS staff are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler, more efficiently and always cost-effectively.

When you contact CUCAS, we have the answers to your questions. We are confident that you will find this expertise to be invaluable in helping you decide upon an appropriate program to suit your individual needs.



Counselling Team

CUCAS experienced Education Counsellors can help you to find a course that best suit you.

Call us or send an e-mail to us to arrange a personal counselling session with our experienced Education Counsellors.

Our Education Counsellors will provide you with:
-A briefing on the Chinese Education System
-Information and advice on appropriate courses
-Explanation of the entire application process
-Student visa information
-Reminders of our upcoming activities

CUCAS counsellors are the market leaders in international education counselling. We offer you impartial and professional advice on international higher education institutions and course options based on your academic qualifications and work experience, while keeping in mind your budget, preferred city and other preferences.

Our education counsellors offer assistance to international students in China who have either finished a course of study and wish to enroll in a new course, who wish to change course or institution or move to another city to study. We provide a personalized service by:
1. recommending suitable institutions based on your results, needs, budget and location preferences
2. helping you with the application and enrolment process
3. providing you with a link to our services and our ongoing activities



Student Care Team

Our student care team will support you with:

-Tracking progress of your applications
-Confirming your mailing address and delivering the admission package to you
-Booking accommodation for you
-Assisting you with getting to the university, how to register at the university, etc.

Online Consulting-

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